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13 13's in 2013

I am in this group called 13 13 in 2013. its a group for people who like to use up their stash, organize their projects and yarn and love to do the 13 different items/challenges 13 times. 
I joined because I need something to get me motivated :) 

Here is my list....

This list is in no particular order.. 1.Design 13 new patterns (13 for crochet and 13 for loom) 2.Adopt 13 more hospitals /cancer centers for my Halos of Hope New England team. --DONE!! 3.make 13 chemo caps a month. 4.For April - make 13 items for me ( i’ll be 33 on the 9th) 5.lose 13 lbs every 3 months. :) 6.make 13 items for each friend’s charities. 7.13 baby items for my great niece or nephew due in May. 8.13 patterns from my queue 9.Sell 13 items from my etsy shop 10.learn and master 13 new crochet stitches ( going to be part of my Crochet Corner comeback) 11.Have 13 items in consignment shops in my area. 12.make 13 holiday items. 13.dye 13 balls of yarn ( going to teach my self )
with number 2 done.. I am off to a good start :)

I love custom orders!!!!

hint hint people!!!! :)

I have this fb friend who loves my work :) she is my most valued customer :) she has more of my creations than my mom did. from jewelry to the knitted and croocheted things I make.
This week I am working on a scarf for her son. This is the third scarf for him... second one this month :) I am not going to tell you what it is til I am done .. the other scarf was Beemo. A child's cartoon character.

He's so cute and it was fun to make. 

But after this week, I will need more orders. The reason I love custom orders is because its personalized. From the color to size  to the detail. Plus I am not a mind  The scarf above was $20. With someone else it could of been more.  Supplies + time... I think $20 was reasonable :)  I dont over charge, there is no bogus charges and I keep shipping low as possible. I ship out a lot of stuff so I know what things cost. I use the post office envelopes/boxes which I have to pay for so that is added to shipping.  If…

Closed for 1 day

Saturday Dec 1, 2012 is the Holiday Bazaar . I will be selling everything I have so all sales online will be  on hold. All unsold items will be half off for online sales. Knits by Erin will be up and running on Sunday.

Some New Stuff

Check them out more on my facebook page--------->>

Let Black Friday begin!!!

First I just want to to say I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with friends and family. 

If you are in need of a special gift, use this code for anything in my etsy shop for 30% off.


If you would like a custom order, message me on Facebook..I will take the 30% off for you automatically . 

The 1 year Celebration!!!

Free shipping coupon code- oneyearfree

25 % off coupon code- oneyear25

these coupon codes can be used in my ETSY shop .

Happy Shopping!!

P.S. thank you to all my friends, fb fans, readers and subscribers. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. Here is to many more fun years :)

Knits by Erin is turning one

This year has flown by. I can still remember the first thing I made. A pair of fingerless gloves with NO pattern :) I was so proud of my self.
Next Wednesday ( Nov. 21) Knits by Erin will be one. Come celebrate on the facebook page .
there will be free stuff, coupon codes and cake - well, only if you make it for yourself :)

extra goodies to those who wish Knits by Erin a Happy Anniversary/Birthday :)

Blog re-design

Just a heads up.. I will be redesigning my blog , I am not sure how long it will take me. So if you see that my pages are gone or the side bar is messed up, just smile and keep me in your prayers , I'm gonna need them. re designing a blog is not

Fast Approaching

I love attending craft fairs... I dont always have much luck at them though. This December 1st I will be selling items from my new small bizz.. Knits by Erin. I am hoping that since I live in Rhode Island where its very cold 4-5 months out of the year, I will be able to sell a ton of stuff.
I will post pics soon :)

Another crochet pattern

Fingerless Crocheted Mitts I really love making these. This is my second crocheted pattern... I hope you like the pattern. 

Keep Warm.....

This neck warmer is made with velvety texture with rayon wrap yarn.
colors: Green and Salmon (crocheted)

headband and fingerless mitts set. - adult size acrylic/ cotton yarn was used. 
here is another crocheted set...  Ruby Red neck warmer and fingerless mitts set.

Infinity scarf and fingerless mitts pictures coming soon! :) 

New Pattern

Here is a new Crochet pattern for all you crocheters :)

Happy Autumn!!

It's Autumn... I changed my blog background and have been making a lot of new items. I will be posting pictures soon. The new camera I bought was a cheapy $10 one from Family Dollar. It doesnt take the best pics.

If you would like to request anything, please let me know.

Update about the Special Olympics Scarf Project

The National Committee for the Special Olympics has decided to discontinue the scarves program.The program became so popular that donations outpaced the number of Special Olympics winter athletes and supporters. BUT several states have decided to proceed on their own. 

for info about which states are participating , including colors and where to send the scarfs.  you can click HERE . Just click on their notes tab.  States NOT participating are:  Arizona, 
Massachusetts, << my home state
New York, 
North Carolina, 
I am a New Englander so I will be making scarfs for the only NE state participating.. Vermont. their colors are Black, white and Heather Grey.  New Hampshire is still disusing whether to participate or not.  No word from the Rhode Island committee . Same for Maine. 
If you have a Ravelry account , join…

Crochet Corner - Crocheted Headband

I didnt use a pattern. All I did was make a chain that would fit my head and double crochet until it was the width I wanted. Then on my small peach loom I made a flower.  This is my second finished crochet item. the other was the Star Stitch Headband

My next project is awareness ribbon headbands ( made 2 ribbons so far) and tiny towels and I plan on crocheting some jewelry as well. But I am still a loom knitter at heart :)  I will loom big projects. Crocheting a scarf will take too long and hurt my hands ......  

I hope you like the headband. It was fun to make.   If you have any questions , please comment below. 

and as always..... 

Doing good pays off

I made these washcloths for House of Hope in Rhode Island. They run the state’s largest men’s night to night shelter as well as two transitional shelter programs (one for men and one for women). I only made 3 for  the ravellenic games on Ravelry. Planning on making many more for House of Hope. 

Whoo hoo!! ANOTHER gold medal

This one is for Scarf Hockey. I started and finished this scarf Friday. 

YAY.. go me!! 


YAY!!! ok.. everyone who finishes a project gets one...but still I am so HAPPY!!!
Its a Swiffer Cover :) 
 Check it out on my facebookfan page 

Ravellenic Games 2012

Ravelry is awesome. Ravelry is a community for knitters, crocheters, weavers,  there are even a few loom knitters ( like me) and people who just love yarn. The ravellympics is where we all join a team( I joined teamloominescent2012), choose events and knit/crochet/weave/loom our hearts out. Like the real Olympics we will start on July 27 and stop on August 12.

Events I am taking part in:
Hat Dash
Charity Rowing
Holiday Hurdles
Scarf Hockey
Home stuff Hammer throw

I'll be posting what I make here, so come on back.

I am so far behind

I know I have a few weeks of Crochet Corner projects I have to catch up on. Hopefully I will be able to do that this weekend. I have unscheduled the next Crochet Corner post. Once I am caught up I will reschedule it :)

In the mean time if you have made anything with the previous stitches, please share them. Link the project to where ever it may be in the comment box :) NO SPAM!!!!! Its all about trust people :)
To catch up on projects or just have a look, click on the Crochet Corner tab above.

Charity is kicking my butt

In a good way! :) I love helping out. I am on the shy side so face to face interaction ( if i don't know the person well) make me uneasy. So making items and sending them to a worthy cause is perfect for me.
Since I didn't receive many hats ( none actually ) for the University of Vermont School of Medicine and  Norris Cotton Cancer Center I have to make more than I have to send out . Was hoping 10 from each team member . I am waiting for a box of hats from one member....  Praying it comes in this week.

And I signed up to make socks for a local RI homeless shelter called House of Hope. They run the state’s largest men’s night to night shelter. they need hats, scarfs, mitten/gloves and socks. 
Here is the Ravelry threadif you interested in helping out.


If you would like to help out with shipping, click the button below. I put in a set amount of $0.50.  ( just so it doesn't take forever to ship …

Its an addiction

ILOVE making these loopy scarfs. with this one I decided to made a pair of matching finger-less mitts. I am not a fan of pink but I love pink and black together. This set is definitely on my favorites list. How about you ? :)

( I accidently brightened up the scarf pics too much. the color of the mitts is the the actual color) 

Crochet Corner -Bullion Stitch

This is a cute stitch.

Follow along :)

Baby Bibs

Here is something new to the baby collection ( in the search bar type Baby Collection for more items)  This is an adorable Baby Girl bib with 'Pearls' . The pearls are soft and will not come apart. They are strung on a thick stand of yarn. The bib is also made with soft yarn.   Machine washable. 

 The bib measures - 8in x 6inches.  Tie cord measures- 20 inches.
$10 plus $3 shipping


Dress Shirt Baby Boy Bib.

Made with soft yarn. 
3-12 mo.
8 1/2 inches long.
the collar attaches on the left side with a button. 
$10 plus $3.00 shipping

Crochet Corner --- Leaves

Week 3- how time flies. Are we having fun? :) I hope you are following along with me. Please post any comment or questions you have about the stitches .. if you have a link to your work, please post it :-D

Week 2 we learned how to make a flower( 1 version of a flower- more soon )
This week is leaves .
Here are 2 leaf patterns:

Original Tutorial
Irish Lace Leaf Original Tutorial in Russian . 
They may look the same, look closer, they're not :) 
Come back on Wed. I'll have pictures and my notes on both patterns .....

Fun & Fantastic Loopy Scarfs

Have a closer look on Knits by Erin's fan page.  If you're not a fan, become one by clicking 'Like'  :) 

These were so much fun to make. I plan on making many many more :)

Crochet Corner --- Crocheted Flower

Week 2 of The Crochet Corner.
This tutorial is in Finnish.

We can do this gang :) follow along here .

Here is a site I find helpful. You may need it if you are unsure how tocrochet in the round. 

Finished Friday- Star Stitch ( Crochet Corner )

I was done with this on Wednesday :) This stitch is on my faves list now. Its easy and fun ! I only made one row . I wanted to make a red white and blue braided headband.... I think it came out well.  

If you also made something  with this stitch , please email me and I will post your project on my blog :) 
Check back on Sunday.I'll be posting a new stitch for the week !

WIP- Star Stitch ( Crochet Corner)

As promised, here is my WIP ( work in progress) of the star stitch.

I am not sure what I want to make with this stitch yet.  In the video from the previous blog , the demonstrator made a wash cloth. I am thinking maybe a headband or I can add it to something as a trim .hmmmm :)  I will share the project on Friday :)