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Custom Order Prices
Custom Orders are my favorite!

Prices vary on item. here is how I price custom orders.
  • The item: Scarf, hat, socks, etc
  • Price of yarn: How many skeins (balls) will I need to make your item(s). If I have the yarn already, It wont cost as much. 
  • Type of yarn: Acrylic blend, wool, alpaca, cotton... prices vary on yarn. I usually use an acrylic blend. (Red Heart Yarn or Caron Simply Soft ) 
  • Time: it usually takes me a dew days to a week, maybe less depending on the item. 
  • Crocheted or knitted: depending how you want your item made, this also calculates into the time.
  • Cost of pattern: if needed. If your item is linked to a pattern, it will have to be purchased before I make it. 

Example:  Crocheted Adult size Multi Colored Scarf. ( about 55 inches long) 
 yarn needed : 2 skeins. (Walmart: for both- about $6)
type of yarn: Red Heart.
time: 1 -1.5 wk 
Final cost ( half due up front so I can buy the yarn)--- $20. Shipping varies upon location. for the U.S. nothing over $5. 

  • I accept paypal (credit cards,e-checks) and money orders
  • HALF the cost of the finished item is due before I start your item. (non-refundable). you can pay in full or half upfront. 
  • Layaway available on orders over $25 ( does not include shipping) . Payments are due each week($10 each week). if you miss a week and I don't hear from you I will stop making your item or sell it to someone else.  

If you have an allergy to a certain type of material, ie wool. I must know :)
The goal is for comfort not irritation .....

If you have any questions or you would like to place an order... click HERE


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