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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Gardening-Always a Work in Progress

I have inherited my mother's "green thumb". Well sorta. Since she passed 5 years ago my want to garden has increased.
We rent so I cant have a huge garden like I want. We have a tiny patch along our walkway. It gets minimal sun. The landlord planted 3 lily plants (which I love) years ago. My MIL hates them. They stay because I take care of the garden :)

This was from a few years ago.

These were just taken this past Tuesday..... I have so much to do ! :)

This is one of the lilies with snow from monday

How it looks at about 1pm. too much shade. 

My poor Hydrangea :(  Last year it didn't bloom at all. I hope it does this year. Its a pretty blue. 

As I was weeding my garden last weekend ( before the snow) I noticed I need more soil. I want to do something with those trellis things, even if I have to crochet something,( morning glories perhaps). 
The garden definitely needs a new design layout. 
I hope my MIL doesn't buy any tacky garden decorations this year. In the top picture you can see a few ducks on sticks. So corny. lol . I want to place a few bird feeders in the garden this year. I don't like birds but they remind me of my mom who loved them . 


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I learned something new-- thanks MOOGLY

I have learned most stitches ( I call then non standard) from moogly.com . If I need to know a certain stitch for a project, I type it into google and the first video or tutorial is , 9 out of 10 times , from Moogly/Tamera Kelly.

As part of my A Year of Projects , I wanted to learn how to make a Standing Double Crochet. I've been crocheting for  4 years and I had no idea this stitch existed! I hate chaining when I add a new color to the project I am working on.

Below are my samples and the video by Moogly.

Now my Temperature blanket squares will look better :) no more chains! 

Thanks again Tamera!!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

YOP5 week 38

ALICE IS DONE!! I am so proud of my Alice in Wonderland amigurumi!!! She is not perfect but I love her!

Alice in Wonderland Ami

I think this Snow White will be my next doll.. and these will be her dwarves :)


On this weeks list to sew together... 

I need to find my pipe cleaners so I can insert one in each ear so they don't flop to the sides.

Bunny flag. I love the garden flags that Snappy Tops makes. 


And another Corner2Corner project. I found this Whovian CAL a few months back . I was looking for other projects for C2C. I am not a big Dr. Who fan..(someday I will finish watching it on Netflix), But I know a group of ladies that might go crazy over the bag I plan to make with the panels. This one is the 10th dr, The other panel I will be using is the DW panel. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Temperature Blanket Month 2 (Feb16)

February was a colorful month. On Valentines day the high was 10 degrees.
Look at that LAVENDER square ( 1st in row.) It was 64 on the first of FEBRUARY! 
This was a cold week. Introducing Jade and Peacock. (The 2 end squares.)

Notice in the pic above( 3rd from left).... a LAVENDER square!! Another wonderful 60 degree day in FEBRUARY in RHODE ISLAND!! a day after we had a light snow flurry. 

So the warmest for the month was 64 and the coldest was 10.

91 and above - Cream
81 - 90            Perfect Pink
71 - 80            Rouge
61 -70             Lavender 
51 - 60            Orchid
41 - 50            Bright Orchid
31 - 40            Turquoise 
21 - 30            Delft Blue
11 - 20            Jade
10 and below- Peacock
Snow days      White

Sunday, March 13, 2016

YOP5 week 37

I wasn't planning on posting anything this week since I have a cold from hell. I have no voice right now and it sucks. my cat looks at me weird..lol  My "hey kitty kitty" sounds a bit creepy.. :)

I don't think my list will ever be completed. I keep seeing things I want to make and they're not on my list so when I add them my list just gets longer... that's a bad Erin!

I haven't posted anything in a few weeks so I NEED to do this :)

This first project is actually part of my 16 in 2016 ... but I sorta have a theme for this week... any guesses on what that could be? hehe

Its getting so warm here in RI I might not be able to wear this on Thursday with out looking silly. 
(Pattern by Repeat Crafter Me)

These I can definitely wear no mater what the weather is :)

Beer mug coasters ... I dont drink beer but that are cute anyway!
(pattern by Divine Debris )


Back to my list... 
I sewed on the arms and head to my Alice in wonderland ami

I am working on her legs and her hair should be added this week. Now you have something to look forward to for next week :) 

For next week I hope to have a few more of my forgotten WIPs finished. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

What did she just say?!?!

Its Throwback Thursday... I wanted to share a short story about my oldest cousin and I.

This post contains a bad word. But its just a word. :)

My oldest cousin is about 15 years older than me. When I was younger she and her sister use to babysit me. I don't remember but I survived :)  Once when my cousin was babysitting she asked me why I play with such an ugly doll ( cabbage patch kid- preemie ). She's fucked up. Bad Kathy. Shes always sworn like a sailer. And we love it..hehe. Well some time after this wonderful bonding , my grandmother asked why I wasn't playing with my doll that I loved so much... by the way I was 4 years old.  I looked at my grandmother and said flat out, " because shes fucked up"

Not exactly the one I had but same face. <3 

I wish I could remember the look on my grandmothers face when I said that. She wasn't a swearing type of person. I heard her say shit and son of a bitch a few times in my life.

But as I said we love Kathy and her potty mouth so from what I was told my grandmother was like "oh Kathy" after the shock of her favorite grandchild repeating what Kathy said wore off. Yes I looked up to my cousin. Shes awesome!

My mother on the other hand was a bit more upset. As she should be. Kathy couldn't swear in front of me.

I remember holiday dinners where Kathy was being Kathy and would swear when she told a story. And she'd look for me to see if I was in the room .  When I was in the room and a bad word slipped she's say " don't tell your mother".. I  would laugh it off and say ok. I had no idea why she wouldn't swear around me since I had no memory of that day when I was 4.

I don't know why it was such a big deal. As a teenager I remember my mother ( not as bad as Kathy) swearing and my brothers too. not much but they did.  I wasn't told this story until I was 17 , I think. It all became clear once my mom told be about the first time I swore. That definity DID NOT go in the baby book..hehe

Now at 35 , my favorite curse word is Shit..lol if I stub my toe or accidently hurt myself, the f word does slip out.

What are your views on curse words? How young were you or your child when they first said a bad word? what was it? 
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