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15 in 2015 Project #15

Project #15 Foxy Little Pair of Pants
Pattern Designer : Newborn Knots.

Welcome to cuteville . Foxy pants, as I am calling them , are adorable ! I have many patterns by Newborn knits but I wanted these foxy pants to be the first thing I made .

15 in 2015 Project #14

Project # 14 : Troll Beanie
Pattern designer : Spider Mambo

I love trolls . I had a bunch growing up thanks to my grandmother who spoiled me :)  When I saw this pattern I went nuts. My headband isn't really finished. I need to get a better brush to fluff out the hair.

15 in 2015 Project # 13

Project #13 : Welsh Lovespoon
Pattern designer: Thomasina Cummings Designs

I love this pattern but I hate how it came out. 15 in 2015 fail! I don't like the color of the yarn maybe that's why I hate it so much.

15 in 2015 Project #12

I am a little behind with these posts.  So 11 and 12 were posted on the same day.

Project #12 : Crowned Elsa hat/wig
Pattern designer:Rebecca Lueck

I just noticed this almost completed hat in one of  my project bags. I started it in March for a customer who changed her mind. So it sat.  I just had to add some more strands for the hair and braid it.  I like this version pattern than the other version I sell in my shop. This will be limited .. it takes a lot of white yarn.

15 in 2015 Project #11

Project # 11: Tigger Slouchy Hat
Pattern designer: Here's a hint... this list is mostly from her yup, its Snappy Tots.. again.

I couldn't resist this pattern . Tigger is so cute. No one in mind to gift it to but I am sure I will find someone who likes Poo and the gang.

Now on to make Eeyore.. maybe Poo and Piglet too if I have enough pink yarn. 

Last YOP5 of 2015 (week 26)

And the Christmas season is over! I hope everyone had a fun holiday.

For the past week and a half I've been getting all my 15 in 2015 posts up. My list is all patterns I paid for. At the beginning of the month I realized I did not have 15 projects ( though I have over patterns I paid for)  . So the past few days Ive been making last minute projects for the list. Only a few more to make and post.

Why am I posting a 15 in 2015 on a Year of Projects post? because the same projects are on my YOP5 list as well :)

So what have I finished......

I am so inlove with the Hooded Cookie Scarf! Now only if it was cold here ( in RI ) so I could  wear it...
I like snowmen... can you tell? :)  
My fiance was sad he didn't get his Shark Tail blanket for Christmas. After getting enough of the same color yarn for the project I had to start over. About half way through I noticed it would be too tight around the bottom for his feet so I frogged it and started again.... His birthday is next month …

15 in 2015 Project # 10

Project #10 : Snowman Flag
Pattern designer: Snappy Tots

Like I said in yesterday's post, I love snowmen! I really love these flags by Heidi . Hopefully by hanging a SNOWman outside the weather will get cold! :)

15 in 2015 Project #9

Project # 9 : Hooded Cookie Scarf
Pattern Designer: Snappy Tots

I have a thing for snowmen! :) This is ANOTHER pattern by Snappy tots. I cant help it.. her patterns are so cute!
I made this for me and some day the weather will be cold enough to where it here in New England!

Come back for #9: Snowman flag

15 in 2015 Project #8

Project #8 is Mick wizard ornament
Pattern designer : Joann Grimm Thompson

This ornament didn't take long to make. I'm not a fan of Mickey Mouse but this is an adorable ornament and will look cute on the Christmas tree.

15 in 2015 Project #7

Project #7 : Stacked Skulls Santa Hat
Pattern designer: Spider Mambo

This is my favorite project! The stacked skulls looks amazing and making the skulls was a lot of fun!
I have a few more patterns by Spider Mambo queued up .

15 in 2015 Project #6

Project name: Pajama Monster
Pattern designer : Ling Ryan

This is an adorable way to keep your pjs safe.. :) When I saw this pattern I literally went  'AWWWWW ' . I need to use up some of my unused yarn.. this Hot Pink below. I paired it with Lavender. I love this pattern and will be making more!

My lil pajama eater.  I hate pink so I will be giving this lil dude away next month :)