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YOP 4: Week 8

I have some sad news. I can not make the wedding dress I planned on making for myself. The free link on ravelry is gone and the mag is out of print :(
After spending the whole weekend looking for another dress, I found ( in my favorite on ravelry) this Spider Web Skirt pattern  . Ive loved it for a while now, but I am not a skirt wearing type of gal but my wedding is a special occasion. Josi turned the skirt in to herwedding dress and it looks AMAZING! So I may have found a replacement ( that looks a bit better) .

No picture updates for the Mario Blanket this week. I was able to sew 2 more rows of squares and make a few more tan and brown squares.

Its the end of summer so more hat orders will be rolling in for Halloween. I am hoping for a repeat of last fall.  Many, many orders. I don't want to sound greedy but I do have a wedding to pay for :)  

I made mylist a bit longer. Adding more home decor and holiday items.


I know what your thinking... "Shes blogging about something other than A Year of Projects? WOW! " hehe I will post my weekly YOP on Tuesday. 8 weeks have flown by.  but yes, This is NOT a YOP post. No cute graphic on the bottom. ( did you look? lol )
I do have other things on my brain other than crochet. At the moment I can't think what they are though.

Looking around my apartment, cleaning would be good.  :) My fiance is a bit of a messy guy. There's a game controller on the floor, his slippers are smack dab in the middle of the living room.I am guessing he couldn't find the laundry basket this morning before work because a shirt of his is on the arm of the couch, and the computer desk could use a little dusting ( his responsibility) , ooo change. : happy dance:

Speaking of fiance, we only have 8 months until I drag him down the short aisle at city hall. I have to keep him away from his precious computer for an entire I don't think his Wildsta…

YOP 4: week 7

Another post about the Mario Blanket.

I have sewed rows 1 and 2 . I made 8 brown squares and 3 more tan squares, just to see what the blanket will look like this week.

and thats about so sad. I am thinking for next week I will post something else :) 

Weekly Mario Blanket Square Count  Red: 35 of 45 done Tan: 20 of 42 done Brown: 8 of 54 done Light blue: 50 of 109 done Yellow: 2 of 2 done.

Year of Projects4 : week 6

Last week I set a few goals for myself. I want to get the Mario blanket for my fiance mostly done before the Halloween hat orders come in . My goals for the blanket were 25 blue squares and 20 red squares.  I am proud to say I met my goal :) I plan to sew a few rows together this week . Sounds like fun , doesn't it .

No chair socks this week.

Oh, has any one seen the Broadway Panel Blanket by Jessica Evans?  Its amazing and there are so many panels to make. I will be making this one for me!

in other news: Its time to waken up my New England chapter of Halos of Hope. All hat drive info is on the blog .

Weekly count
Red: 35 of 45 done Tan: 17 of 42 done Brown: 0 of 54 done Light blue: 50 of 109 done Yellow: 2 of 2 done.

Year of Projects : week 5

Week 5 already? By week 5 I was hoping I'd have something finished. Sadly nothing is finished. I have to get back in my groove after making all those cheer hats. I do have to say that I am proud about something... I cleaned out my ravelry queue of all items I didn't plan on making anytime soon. It went from 5 pages to 3 pages!! :) ::happy dance::
This post I want to set some goals for next week:
For the Mario Blanket ( my biggest project) I want to finish 25 more blue squares and 20 red squares. I believe after that I will have to buy more yarn.
I want to start and finish the Stripped Chair Socks and start the Hexagon Hot pad . Or vice versa. :)

Year of Projects : week 4

I am adding the cheer hats to my list :) I have only worked on these and other orders in the past 2 weeks, so I wasn't able to do anything else on my list. I only took a picture of the changes to the hats. My future SIL will probably take pics later today. 

For the Mohawk I changed the paw. Main reason is I forgot how I did the 

The cheer board didn't like the other headbands so they asked for the style below.  I definitely like the others . HERE is the link to the other hats .
I also made this headband but I didn't include it with the hats. I think THIS head band is much better. Hopefully Teresa ( future SIL) sees it on my page and asks me to make more :) 

Yay! those are done! Now to finish orders and get back to my Year of Projects official list :)