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IT'S FINALLY DONE!!!! Mario Blanket

What a long 6 months. I am so glad this blanket is done. And so is my fiance. I gave it to him on Christmas. He thought I wouldn't finish it on time . But I did! :) here are a few pictures of its journey.

My Pinterest Nightmare..3 ways to avoid being me!

Pinterest has grown very fast. I love it and hate it at the same time. Its an easy place to access and find things you love . I have about 96 boards, 6 secret boards, 5,207 pins, 4,742 likes . That's where my nightmare begins.... all those likes. Just sitting there without a board to call their own. 4,738 likes ( as of this post) . How did it get so out of control? My likes are all over the place. From my new obsession with perler beads, crochet stuff, social media, holiday stuff, basically things I like. That little heart at the corner of each pin is hard not to click when I see something I like. It wasn't always like this. If I liked something I would place it in the appropriate board! What happened? When did I get so lazy ? I have this plan to never go down this road again.... You should follow these tips so you don't end up like me :) 1. Don't be a lazy head and just click everything that catches your eye. Boards are so easy to make. If you don't have a creative name…

Weekend Plans... The hermits need out!!

You need to know something about me.... I hate being bored! I don't have a car of my own so I walk to places I need to go... or my wonderful and annoying future hubby brings me ( out of town stuff- places I can't walk to).  A few days ago Jon said we'd go see the new Hobbit movie ! I love the Hobbit movies. I am so looking forward to this, the 3rd and last movie. So that's one item on the agenda. I have a few hats I need to send out and and a few more hats I need to buy more yarn for... so a trip to Walmart is a must ( a place I can not walk to .. bummer) . While there I need to get Jon's mother her Christmas present, a hamper with wheels.....shes needs a new one, badly. And if I have some free time after finishing hats for my customers I need to sew more squares together for Jon's Mario Blanket. This blanket has taken 6 months . I will be glad when its done.. then I can make either my Totoro blanket ( my neighbor Totoro) or a Boston Bruins blanket for myself.... o…

My new blogging home

I've been blogging for Blogher's National Blog Post Month. I have been blogging every day this month over on wordpress. Just in case you were wondering were I was. :)
Click on the W to the right or click here to see my blog

YOP: week ???

I'm baaaaaack! I have alot of catching up to do! I took some time off of my Yop list to do some Halloween Hat making. Busy Busy! Now back to my list.. oh how I've missed you... Christmas is just around the corner so I HAVE to finish my fiance's present!!!!! I was able to get a few more rows of squares done.... one more to go.. all blue.  Then back to sewing! whooo. This blanket is coming together nicely. I can still remember making the first few squares... I was also able to get to the Breast Cancer Awareness bag. Cross this off my list of purchased pattern finished! :)

CAL coming soon!

I decided not to do the teaching crochet Crochet Corner , Instead I will be having a month long CAL (Crochet A Long ) and teach any stitches I need to. I have so many hat orders and personal items I have to get done, the CAL seems like a better idea.

YOP4: week 12

3 months and nothing is finished.. :(  but the Sugar Skull garland is almost finished!  I started on the skull cap. You can see 2 skulls but I think I am a stitch off because the second skull looks a bit off center, so I will probably start over.
Also to be able to make my Totoro pillow I have to learn how to Tunisian crochet . So last week I bought a long hook and I tried it out last night.. I have to say, its quite fun! :) 

YOP: week 11

We are almost at the 3 month mark. I have purchased so many patterns over the past year . about 60. too many good deals from my favorite designers. So I really need to do something with them.. I have two I need to finish but most patterns I have to start .. here is my list for the first batch.

Scarecrow basket
Frankie's Bride
Skull cap
Football lovey
Olaf hat

Breast Cancer Awareness bag- add handle
TMNT hat- add eyes

most are a Snappy Tots pattern . I am glad I was able to contribute to her daughters

As you can see there are no Mario Blanket updates.... I am taking a break from that. I don't want to hate it before its done. Plus I need to buy more blue yarn. I think 1 skein will be enough.

This is my project for the week. I'm into skulls this year.. not sure why. These Sugar Skulls will be a garland hopefully this week.

Yop: week 10

I love knitters. Did anyone else see the Claire Outlander Cowl on Ravelry's home pages last week?  I am loving that show ( and my fiance is into it too). Claire's cowl on the show is beautiful and I wanted to make one from the first time I saw it. But I don't know how to knit and I don't think it would look the same if I loom knitted it.
After seeing Polly foo foo's pattern ( and realizing I have the needles the pattern calls for ) I believe I can do it. I just have to learn how to knit :)

Now on to stuff I did this past week. I didn't post my blog to the group last week because I didn't finish anything , but I did set a few goals.

Sew 8 rows of the Mario Blanket together.......

I love sitting outside-ish. The weather is so nice I can sit out on the screened in porch and sew this blanket. lots and lots of sewing. Above is just 7 rows. I got annoyed with it .., lots and lots of sewing. 

Make the Chair Socks...

Here is one chair sock.. I made 2. Not sure if …

YOP: Week 9

There will not be a Year of Projects post this week. I've been busy with hat orders. But I will be back next week.
Like I did with a previous post , I want to set a few goals for the up coming week .

I have 8 rows of squares of the Mario Blanket made, my goal is to sew all of them together.  MUST finish the chair socks. use the Walking Dead graph and start the bag. 

YOP 4: Week 8

I have some sad news. I can not make the wedding dress I planned on making for myself. The free link on ravelry is gone and the mag is out of print :(
After spending the whole weekend looking for another dress, I found ( in my favorite on ravelry) this Spider Web Skirt pattern  . Ive loved it for a while now, but I am not a skirt wearing type of gal but my wedding is a special occasion. Josi turned the skirt in to herwedding dress and it looks AMAZING! So I may have found a replacement ( that looks a bit better) .

No picture updates for the Mario Blanket this week. I was able to sew 2 more rows of squares and make a few more tan and brown squares.

Its the end of summer so more hat orders will be rolling in for Halloween. I am hoping for a repeat of last fall.  Many, many orders. I don't want to sound greedy but I do have a wedding to pay for :)  

I made mylist a bit longer. Adding more home decor and holiday items.


I know what your thinking... "Shes blogging about something other than A Year of Projects? WOW! " hehe I will post my weekly YOP on Tuesday. 8 weeks have flown by.  but yes, This is NOT a YOP post. No cute graphic on the bottom. ( did you look? lol )
I do have other things on my brain other than crochet. At the moment I can't think what they are though.

Looking around my apartment, cleaning would be good.  :) My fiance is a bit of a messy guy. There's a game controller on the floor, his slippers are smack dab in the middle of the living room.I am guessing he couldn't find the laundry basket this morning before work because a shirt of his is on the arm of the couch, and the computer desk could use a little dusting ( his responsibility) , ooo change. : happy dance:

Speaking of fiance, we only have 8 months until I drag him down the short aisle at city hall. I have to keep him away from his precious computer for an entire I don't think his Wildsta…

YOP 4: week 7

Another post about the Mario Blanket.

I have sewed rows 1 and 2 . I made 8 brown squares and 3 more tan squares, just to see what the blanket will look like this week.

and thats about so sad. I am thinking for next week I will post something else :) 

Weekly Mario Blanket Square Count  Red: 35 of 45 done Tan: 20 of 42 done Brown: 8 of 54 done Light blue: 50 of 109 done Yellow: 2 of 2 done.

Year of Projects4 : week 6

Last week I set a few goals for myself. I want to get the Mario blanket for my fiance mostly done before the Halloween hat orders come in . My goals for the blanket were 25 blue squares and 20 red squares.  I am proud to say I met my goal :) I plan to sew a few rows together this week . Sounds like fun , doesn't it .

No chair socks this week.

Oh, has any one seen the Broadway Panel Blanket by Jessica Evans?  Its amazing and there are so many panels to make. I will be making this one for me!

in other news: Its time to waken up my New England chapter of Halos of Hope. All hat drive info is on the blog .

Weekly count
Red: 35 of 45 done Tan: 17 of 42 done Brown: 0 of 54 done Light blue: 50 of 109 done Yellow: 2 of 2 done.

Year of Projects : week 5

Week 5 already? By week 5 I was hoping I'd have something finished. Sadly nothing is finished. I have to get back in my groove after making all those cheer hats. I do have to say that I am proud about something... I cleaned out my ravelry queue of all items I didn't plan on making anytime soon. It went from 5 pages to 3 pages!! :) ::happy dance::
This post I want to set some goals for next week:
For the Mario Blanket ( my biggest project) I want to finish 25 more blue squares and 20 red squares. I believe after that I will have to buy more yarn.
I want to start and finish the Stripped Chair Socks and start the Hexagon Hot pad . Or vice versa. :)

Year of Projects : week 4

I am adding the cheer hats to my list :) I have only worked on these and other orders in the past 2 weeks, so I wasn't able to do anything else on my list. I only took a picture of the changes to the hats. My future SIL will probably take pics later today. 

For the Mohawk I changed the paw. Main reason is I forgot how I did the 

The cheer board didn't like the other headbands so they asked for the style below.  I definitely like the others . HERE is the link to the other hats .
I also made this headband but I didn't include it with the hats. I think THIS head band is much better. Hopefully Teresa ( future SIL) sees it on my page and asks me to make more :) 

Yay! those are done! Now to finish orders and get back to my Year of Projects official list :)