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Halloween orders are done!!!

Now to get back to my Year of Projects list. My hooks and yarn decided not to continue without me. what a bummer!

I didn't break my 99 hats record from last year but I did ok. Came close. Cabbage Patch kid hats are still most popular, followed by Edith hats from Despicable Me and a few Lego hats. I added anger from Inside Out but limited them to just 10. Sold out in about 3 weeks.  :)  I am kinda sad that not one Minion was ordered.

I don't get Christmas orders so I have next to nothing to do. I have Jon's shark blanket to remake now since I have enough skeins of the same dye lot.
There are scarves for the homeless to be made and a few scarves or headbands I want to make for Maine's Special Olympics, the only New England state asking for items.

I sit here debating whether or not to make a few Halloween items I had on my list. One that sticks out is the Wicked Tutu bag by Heidi Yates. I bought it, might as well make it, hehe . It would make a great bag for Jon and I&#…