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Crochet Corner: Mystery Mitt

This June, follow along with me ( and the Fingerless Gloves Fanatics ravelry group) . I will post a few rows each week. If you can, take pics and email them to me so I can make an album ( you will be credited as the person who made the mitt)  .

skill level: easy

I will be posting the first part of the pattern June 1st.

SOLD from auction....

I sold a total of four items from the Sampler Village auction. 2 jewelry items and 2 items from Knits by Erin.
rope scarf 
beach bag with bow

YAY!!! I love when I sell stuff :)   Traci will be holding another auction on the 30th at 6 est. here is the link for the auction .  We were only able to post 3 items this time. I chose to auction off jewelry pieces .  I will be holding my own auction in June. Stay tuned for all that info. 

Check this out!!

The wonderful Traci of Sampler Village created an auction for the fantastic villagers. Every one who contributes to the sampler box works very hard each month to share just a piece of what they do. Now people can bid on items( more than just samples) .

I have about 10 items up for auction. 5 for Knits by Erin and 5 for Erin's Jewelry Creations.

Check out the auction. Friday, May 10th. 8 pm est

Discover Handmade... because its AWESOME!!! :)

May is ..

May is Brain Cancer Awareness month. I lost my mom to this horrible disease March 2011. When she was diagnosed , I started to make Brain Cancer awareness bracelets. I sold them on my jewelry facebook page to help raise money for gas so she could get to her doctors appointments. A crochet friend of mine had a few auctions to help raise money as well to help her out with bills and such. This friend is the reason I make caps for people going through chemo. She made a cap for my mom's bald head, although she didn't lose her hair from chemo. The doctor asked my mom before the surgery to remove the tumor if she wanted her whole head shaved or just the part he needed to operate. She said " Its warm here,  go ahead and shave all off" :) she was living in Florida.

So every May I try to raise money to donate to Brain Cancer Research in hopes to help other people.
Last year I was able to send close to $50. This year I hope to send $75.

Here is the link to my fb jewelry page wh…