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My new blogging home

I've been blogging for Blogher's National Blog Post Month. I have been blogging every day this month over on wordpress. Just in case you were wondering were I was. :)
Click on the W to the right or click here to see my blog

YOP: week ???

I'm baaaaaack! I have alot of catching up to do! I took some time off of my Yop list to do some Halloween Hat making. Busy Busy! Now back to my list.. oh how I've missed you... Christmas is just around the corner so I HAVE to finish my fiance's present!!!!! I was able to get a few more rows of squares done.... one more to go.. all blue.  Then back to sewing! whooo. This blanket is coming together nicely. I can still remember making the first few squares... I was also able to get to the Breast Cancer Awareness bag. Cross this off my list of purchased pattern finished! :)