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Big Milestone !

I love how Etsy keeps track of my sales. I realized this week that I have made over 200 Cabbage Patch Kid hats in the past few years. WOW! It seems like more, When I first made them ( Aug. 2013) I didn't think I would ever make 200. I guess alot of people what their little girl ( and themselves - I've made a few adult size hats too) to look like those adorable dolls. :)

I think the most popular color has been dark brown followed by maybe blonde or light brown. I recently got an order for a cream colored hat/wig. Most popular size: 18-14 months .

I want to give a BIG thank you to all the people who helped me get here. Here is to 200 + more !!

YOP5 weeks 9,10, and 11

I FINISHED the Boston Bruin blanket!!!! You can see that post here. No need to post about it again. :)
I learned a new stitch! Reverse single crochet/ crab stitch. I love it. A big thanks to Moogly! My zombie sock monkey hat will be so cute once I finished it. The crab stitch is the red row after the white row.

Also I finished the Rainbow scarf. I want to add pockets. 

On my down time I've been making hearts to scatter for the Peyton Heart project. . 

I added a few more rows to my fiance's c2c blanket, but didn't take a picture of it . 
The Halloween rush is starting. That's why barely anything is accomplished and I am doing 3 weeks in one post. Hopefully I can get in some time to make some Halloween decorations. I have a few patterns on my Hook Challenge list I want to make. 

P.s . Please post your blog so I can comment back :) 

FINISHED: Boston Bruin blanket

Its finally done and I have no idea what to do with myself. hehe.  Ive had a few ups and downs with this blanket. Last friday I was just about finished with it. I was sewing on the last row of squares and I noticed one of the squares wasn't matching up. I have no idea how this happened. I unsewed the right side of the blanket and re sewed it . Better. I might of stretched a square too much. Oh well. its done!

Now to get more black yarn to make a boarder to hide some of the imperfections  and make some numbers for my fave players. Since I started this blanket 2 of my faves have left the Bruins ( Thornton and Lucic ) but I think I will add them anyway.

Here is a look at the blankets journey in case you missed it. I started this in Feb of this year.

FINISHED! thanks to my wonderful fiance for helping me take this photo :)   Now can it be hockey season?! :)