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Finished Friday- Star Stitch ( Crochet Corner )

I was done with this on Wednesday :) This stitch is on my faves list now. Its easy and fun ! I only made one row . I wanted to make a red white and blue braided headband.... I think it came out well.  

If you also made something  with this stitch , please email me and I will post your project on my blog :) 
Check back on Sunday.I'll be posting a new stitch for the week !

WIP- Star Stitch ( Crochet Corner)

As promised, here is my WIP ( work in progress) of the star stitch.

I am not sure what I want to make with this stitch yet.  In the video from the previous blog , the demonstrator made a wash cloth. I am thinking maybe a headband or I can add it to something as a trim .hmmmm :)  I will share the project on Friday :) 

Crochet Corner--- Star Stitch

Week 1:
I decided not to do the elongated loops .. the Russian translation  sucked and the pictures weren't very helpful.  I am sure I wasn't the only one saying "WTF" lol  so I found this stitch to do instead.  The tutorial is in English  :) and there is a video!!....

follow along here

Come on back on Wednesday.... I'll show you how I am doing with this stitch.

Crochet Corner --- the intro

I had this FABULOUS idea last night while I was trying to fall asleep. Each week I will post a new crochet stitch to "master". I crochet but not much. My mom taught me how to make a chain and how to add rows but nothing fancy. This little project  my audience and I can learn together :)
Sunday I will post the stitch for the week. By Wednesday( WIP- work in progress) I should have the stitch down, and by Friday (Finished Friday) I will  add it to something or make something with it.  Sounds good to me. ( make sure you follow me so you can stay in the loop ) .
Dont worry I will be posting pics and other info.

If you have any questions or comments add them below :)

our first donation

Halos of Hope New England received our first donations of hats!!!! :) thank you to Sally of Centerville, Ma.
these toddler hats are headed to Rhode Island Hospital ...

you can find Sally's fanpage atHibiscus Knits

Finished Friday--- oh the cuteness

Adorable barefoot sandals.  

Kitchen set. dish rag (or it can be a facecloth). made with a bumpy seed stitch. and a matching dish towel holder.

Finished Friday- Potholders

Thank you Kristen ( Goodknit Kisses) . She posted on her facebook group on how to make round potholders.  There was a video but I didnt watch it. I like to figure things out for myself.  I love making potholders now.   The potholders can be used as dish cloths as well.  This is the first set I made on Monday.  the yarn color is : Watercolor.  FB link

This Candy colored set I made on Wednesday.  ( I didnt mean to arrange them too look like a smiley ) FB link

More sets to come!