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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Our first Newsletter!

I've finally decided to set up a e-newsletter. I've been working on it for over a few weeks and its finally finished!!!
 I don't like being like everyone else but not everyone is on facebook or a blog reader so I set up a newsletter for those people who like to know whats going on with me and Get Hooked - Crochet by Erin.

Year of Projects: week 3

No updates this week.. I had to catch up on a few orders and had to make the 10 hats that I mentioned in my last post for my future SIL.  I wish I had more hands :)

I am almost done with the hats... I just need to add the eyes, ears, braids,pom poms, ect.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Year of Projects4 : week 2

Yay ! we made it to week 2 :) :: Happy Dance ::

While I was sitting in the doctors office ( my fiance' had an appointment) I was able to complete 6 granny squares in 30 minutes for the Mario Blanket. I could of finished more but my mind was somewhere else.
 Late last week I changed the size of the squares. I was doing 4 rounds. 5 inches. My fiance doesn't need a large blanket, just enough to cover up with while sitting at his computer during the winter. So now each sq. is 3 rounds , 4 in.

  I made 25 squares of light blue while I was waiting for the Hot Red yarn that I ordered to show up.It was a full skein when I started and I am able to make about 5 more with the ball I have left. I just want to make sure I don't need this color for any little projects. Its hard for me to get to the store sometimes since I don't drive :(

I want to get at least half of the squares done before my busy season.(Halloween). I know brown will be the last color I complete . My future sister in law asked me to make about 10 hats for her daughters cheer fundraiser. Not a year of projects task but here is the post about that :)

Weekly count
Red: 15 of 45 done
Tan: 17 of 42 done
Brown: 0 of 54 done
Light blue: 25 of 109 done
Yellow: 2 of 2 done.

Week one can be found here

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Year of Projects (YOP4) weekly post

Lets see how long this will last lol.

Over the last few days Ive been working on my fiance Jon's Mario blanket. This may take me awhile. I need 54 brown, 45 red, 42 tan, and 109 light blue. I started with the red but since I had a partial skein I was only able to make 15. So I started on tan until I get the red (hot red) . I made 6 tan last night.

Doesn't look like much.
I have to find the previous 5 squares, I think they are a different color. So I am not counting them right now. 

Weekly count
Red: 15 of 45 done
Tan: 6 of 42 done
Brown: 0 of 54 done
Light blue: 0 of 109 done
Yellow: 2 of 2 done.

here is my full list of projects

Friday, July 4, 2014

thank you Pinterest

I love being able to look at so many types of pins. I will keep THIS pinterest post short, I am looking through the wedding category :) I found this pin....

They are incredible . my fiance' LOVES Zelda. Immediately after seeing the pin, I posted the link on his facebook page ( hes at a friends being the nerd he is playing magic the gathering). I know he will freak out the he sees the post. I am in awe of these shoes. I'm not a gamer ( though Mario Kart 8 does take up alot of my free time..lol ). 
if you follow the link under the picture it will take you to the pin , click on the pin and it will take you to the post of the owner of these shoes.   

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Year of Projects : Year 4

So I fell off the YOP wagon last year and accomplished next to nothing. In my defense I got busy with orders. a certain hat blew up in popularity in my etsy shop. I was getting 3-5 hat orders in a day all through late September and early October. I am hoping for a repeat of that :)

For this Year of Projects list I kept it short.
Below is my official list ......
I hope you follow along with my progress. I will update once a week.

Year of Projects 2014 - 2015
redesign all patterns I don't have retiring
design more patterns. Candy corn Adult hat, Dr who inspired lip balm cozies, potted plant cozy. 
Finish Mario Blanket  done 12/14/14
Boston Bruin blanket- started 2/17/15
Broadway Panel Afghan - started 3/30/15
For the Home
granny square armrest
rug for porch done  5/2/15
Hook Challenge
D- Necklace with flower  done 6/21/15
E- Remembrance Poppy done 5/22/15
F-Owl Plush and Danish Heart  4/ 2015
G- Breast Cancer Awareness Bag   11/4/14
H- Jingle Jangle Stocking  done 11/16/14
I- Patrick Pumpkin Hat done 9/6/14
J- With Hope Scarf --  done 2/11/14
K- Candy Apple Fall Cabled Baguette  done 3/19/15
L- BA Octopus done 5/31/15
N- Plarn granny square  done 5/30/15
( to see projects - click tab marked Year of Projects in my queue on Ravelry : Sweeterin )
Add new hats and other items to my etsy shop  Lady bug hat, Sponge Bob hat, Baymax hat, Yoshi hat,
Make 3 amigurumis- done ( turkey, gnome and owl)
Learn new stitches
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