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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

YOP week 27: Remember me?

Week 27. holy heck! I wish I had 27 weeks of progress pictures but the Mario Blanket and orders took up most of my time. 
These hats are part of the 52 Hat Challenge on Ravelry and A year of Projects. Since I have more time now I can get back to my list(s).
cm and y collage
I have many more hats on my list to make for my etsy shop. It needs more hats. Hats are the most popular item in my shop so that is all I make. everything else just sits there. 
Along with adding more hats I am redesigning a few of the hats I already sell. Mainly the Anna and Elsa hats, Police Box, and Giraffe hats. I will be adding other animals, sets ( hat and booties combo for babies) , plain ol hats and all hats will be available in all sizes . I recently made the Lego hat available in all sizes and it is growing in popularity in my shop. 
I have more ideas but I will save that for another blog. 
for an updated list of my YOP projects , check out my previous post .

Friday, January 2, 2015

Finished Friday! Sugar Skulls!

Another project done! I started this one in September....
sugar skulls 1
They worked up pretty fast. I tried to use as many little yarn balls that I had laying around that I could.
sugar skulls 2
I made the rest of the flowers, the background for the flowers and the connector rings in one night   (new years eve ). They only took a few hours once I figured out what yarn I wanted to use.
sugar skulls ..done 2
Now to find a place for them until I can decorate for Halloween.

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