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Friday, March 29, 2013

Mark your calendars

If you are a local Rhode Islander,( or Connecticut)  then mark your calendars for April 28. A Kouple of BasKet Kases are hosting a Krafting for a Kure spring Kraft show. Benefits go to THE RELAY FOR LIFE.It will be held at the Calabrese Club in Westerly. I will be there, of course and so will my boyfriend's sister. Her and a friend started Barry's Girlz Photography after their close friend Barry passed away. 

I have a long list of things I want to make. mugs hugs, Ipad covers, barefoot sandals, bags, headbands, jewelry, wash cloths, trivits.... as i finish items I will post them here for all to see. maybe a new pattern will come out of it :) 

Have a wonderful Easter . 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blanket for my Great Niece

I have to say the blanket I am making for my first niece is coming along great. I will post pics soon :) less than 2 months and she will be here!! YAY!! I can't wait!! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

13, 13's in 2013 update

I was checking out my list ( a few posts down) and I noticed I need to update it a bit from my original ( paper list).

1. make 13 crochet patterns and 13 loom patterns.
  Update : crochet: Blessings Chemo cap
               loom: Loom Chemo Cap
                      Shelly fingerless mitts

 2. adopt 13 centers for my Halos of Hope New England team
   Update: done.

3. Make 13 chemo caps for each cap drive ( HOHNE).
    Update:  The first cap drive of the tear was a hit. The Breast Health Center in Providence received about 50 caps. I think I made about 10. The Spring theme cap drive is going on right now... I do plan to make 13 or more caps.

4.Make 13 items for me ( April is my birthday month)
    Update: I haven't started yet.

5.Lose 13lbs every 3 months.
  Update: 10 lbs gone :)

6. Make 13 items for each friends charities.
    Update: Halos of Hope NJ/PA team. more than 13 items made and donated to Barb.

7. 13 baby items for my great niece or nephew due in May. 
   update: Its a GIRL!!! My first niece !!! I am so happy. Lots of dresses to make and booties...... I am working on a blanket at the moment. I should be done in a day or two. 

8. Finish 13 items from my Ravelry queue. 
    Update: I keep adding more and I think I have done 2. Bow boot cuffs and a rope scarf. 

9. Sell 13 items from my etsy shop
    Update: 8 patterns sold. I wish the physical items would sell :(

10. .learn and master 13 new crochet stitches.
      Update: haven't started yet.

11. I am replaceing Have 13 items in consignment shops with Make 13 ravelry group items.
      Update: For New Projects Monday- I made Two tone Cowl and Legwarmers. and for the Swap Cowls group I am in I made a cowl .. duh...lol 


12. Make 13 Holiday items.
      Update: I think I am going to start during the summer. Make Halloween , and Christmas stuff.

13. Dye 13 balls of yarn.
      Update: I am waiting for warm weather so I can dry the yarn out side. 

More updates coming when I finish each one. :) 

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