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Sunday, August 23, 2015

YOP5 week 8

As I sit here thinking about this weeks post I realize I should've added more larger projects. I look at my list every few days , and even with a schedule , I don't want to make anything. :(
I don't really like making scarves but I am on my second one. And I have another 2-3 on my list. 

This week I added an item. I added a C2C ( corner to corner ) blanket of Monkey D. Luffy from my fiance's favorite anime One Piece. It won't be all that big, just enough for Jon to keep warm in the colder months while he plays his video games, Its a bit cold in this corner. 

  • The shark blanket had to be restarted due to it being two different colors. I picked up some Lion Brand Hometown USA in Dallas gray thinking that's the color I had the most of... Nope. So the search continues, I don't know why the label was not on the other 2 skeins. But I don't think it will take me long to make once I get the 7-9 skeins I need. 
  • I am so glad that I am almost done with the Boston Bruins blanket. Remind me not to make the solid granny squares again. For some reason some of the stitches didn't line up. Its just by a few so I had to sew twice into one stitch. Looks okay. Can't tell where I did it . 
  • Like I said, I started another scarf. A rainbow scarf. The next color is blue.
  • And lastly, I made a shrug for my wedding in October. ( I will post a pic soon) I used the yarn my soon to be MIL bought me last Christmas. I said I wanted to make my dress . So she bought some yarn but Its too bulky to make a dress so I decided to make a shrug. I will not be making my dress like I originally planned. I will never wear it again and it will just take up room and get ruined. 

For next week (if the Halloween rush is low)

Zombie Sock Monkey Hat
Conehead Zombie
Minion eyes
and a few Ami ( I am behind with them)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

YOP 5 week 7: happy sunday

This may be one of my last updates for a few months. It's Halloween hat making season so I will be busy with orders. Yay! I really love making part of some one's Halloween costume. Last year I made 99 hats within 2  months. I still have to add a few items to my shop . For a better selection.
In other news I think I will be finishing up the Boston Bruins blanket today. I have the bottom of the B to sew. It is actually under my kindle right now as I write this post.

This is the back side. 

When ever I sit down to sew this blanket I ask myself why I torture myself so much. Because I love the Boston Bruins , thats why :) 

Well thats my update for the week. I hope I will have more next week. This past week I had a few orders to make so nothing else was made. Last year after making  so many hats for customers I took too much time off and ignored my yop list. This year i refuse to get lazy :)

Sunday, August 9, 2015

YOP5 week 6: A few finishes ! YAY!

Getting back on ( to my ) schedule I made for August I made and finished the Pokemon Pokeball hat, Jack Skellington hat and most of the Snoopy Scarf!! I just need to crochet the house for the other end and make Snoopy's body.  I also sewed more of the Boston Bruins Blanket. I think I may be done with it this month. I have to make 2 big squares . I noticed that a few were too small.

I have to sew the yellow to the black. i wanted to make sure everything matched up. 

I accomplish alot when I put down that lily pond blanket..hehe  

Ive also started my hubby to be's Shark blanket,....

Sunday, August 2, 2015

YOP5 week 5: I should be crocheting

Yes I should be crocheting instead of sitting at my computer. I have a big list that won't finish itself . This week I have been mainly working on my Lily Pond blanket. I just want to finish it so I can see what it looks like. This blanket is NOT on my YOP list. 
I've also been planning out my craft area. Its at the end of a hallway in our little apartment. It has 3 long shelves and cabinets on the left sides. (mostly filled with my MIL's stuff.) What I want to do is clean off the shelves ( i hate clutter) and organize my crochet and other craft stuff. 
My cat uses that area to eat. As you can see in the bottom left picture.  All my yarn is in one of the cabinets ( bottom left pic- with the bags) and I have a shoe rack on the side of the door for yarn I want to use in a project and my works in progress. 

I have moved most of the stuff at the end of the hallway , in the top pic, the block box and the vacuum that does not work. I cleaned off most off the second shelf and set up a few ideas I had. 

Thats a real lucky bamboo. The window is to the right , not pictured.

Next I will be moving the black bookcase to another wall so I have room for a chair and an ottoman. I was thinking about adding a desk but it would stick out too far from the wall because of the baseboard. And there are stairs that lead to the neighbors that can't be blocked. 
I need to get some wire hanging baskets for my balls of yarn so the canvas totes can be placed on the top shelf with other craft stuff in them . 

Crochet related: I made a Jack the skeleton hat but he needs to be put together. No progress on other hats :( As I said the Lily pond blanket has taken most of my time this past week. I hope to have a bunch done from my list this week. I want to learn to dye yarn :) seems fun :) 

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