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YOP 4 week 48

Welcome to the last day of May. In 30 days YOP 5 will begin.Is your list ready? Probably not :) and that's ok.
My year 5 list is gonna be crazy. Not just projects but I want to teach myself a few things on this journey.
But there is a hook challenge I need to finish first.

For my J hook I made a Big Ass Octopus ( pattern by Charlotte W.) I also used a g ( 4.5mm ) hook.
This was the only pattern I liked ( and wanted to make) that wasn't a scarf, cowl, or basket. I also wanted to make another Amigurumi ( this makes 4 for YOP) .

Her head is HUGE :) but o so cute. I just need to finish the tentacles , add her eyes and sew her together. 
For my N hook I wanted to make something other than a cowl, basket or scarf, Like the L .  I haven't used PLARN so this was a great challenge. I had a project queued up but once I started I didn't like it so I went the extremely easy route and made a granny square.

I used small doggie poo bags. I bought them to clean out my cat's litt…

YOP 4 week 47

I AM DONE WITH THE SQUARES for the Boston Bruins Blanket!!!!!!!!

It was fun making them but the project is coming to an end. I have to block them and sew them together. But that can wait a few months. The squares take up less room than the blanket would .

Doesn't look like much does it?
 I have 2 gallon size bags of the 2 in squares. you can see one of them on the bottom. The other bag separates the yellow.  Pretty!  I am glad I made the solid granny instead of the traditional. 
Like I mentioned in a past post, I am going to make numbers to add to the blanket for my favorite players. I believe I will have enough room. 
Hook Challenge update: I have a few projects to go. I have to stop switching out projects. I just want to be able to say I finished. Unlike last year and YOP5 I will be adding more . 
I made this Remembrance Poppy a few days ago. I used an F hook. Ive been using that hook alot for the Lily Pond Blanket. 
I have another project in mind using the same hook . Since Mon…

Lily Pond Update #1

I am so glad I found this CAL. I like piecing things together, ie blankets. I enjoy sewing and watching the blanket come together. When I made the Mario blanket last year I was so excited when I sewed the the top half of Mario because I could see his face ! It was the first time I put something that big together.

I liked it so much I started a Boston Bruins blanket in March. I am all done with the squares I just need to sew them. I am in no rush though.

Now on to the Lily Pond Afghan. I started with blocks 2 and 3. I needed to buy more yarn to make block 1. And now block 4.

Block 2

Flowers for block 3

Block 3 all done.
I'm not using StyleCraft yarn. I wanted to use my stash. And my stash is mostly Red Heart. 
Colors I am using are, 
Peacock in place of Teal Paddy Green in place of Olive Spring green in place of Fern Aruba Sea in place of Mint Turquoise in place of Aqua White in place of Cream Lemon on place of Daffodil Dark Orchid in place of Fuchsia  Orchid in place of Rose  La…

Knitting and Crochet week day 6

Today we had to make a poll.
I chose to place it on my side bar under the social icons.  Please post your day 6 polls in the comments so I and others can take it :) 

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5

Poll is now closed.... My question was  Which are you? Hooker ( crocheter)  3 votes Knitter  6 votes Loom Knitter 1 vote Just yarn obsessed. 1 vote
Thank you to all who took my poll 

Knitting and Crochet Week day 5

Day 5 of Knitting and Crochet week. Today we are suppose to do something different. So here is a poem :) 
Here I sit

here I sit my nails all bit candle on the table lit I ask myself "should I do it?" there's nothing to admit here I sit will everything still fit? think nothing of it this is no time to throw a fit I'll just use my witt here I sit just for the hell of it no, i must not submit don't pinch or hit oh f*ck it just make the f'in banana split

Knitting and Crochet week day 4

Todays topic is Bags of Fun. I get to show you my "tools of the trade". My fiance calls my hooks an obsession! And I agree.

I wanted a theme to my hooks and stitch markers... memories. Most are favorite characters of my childhood.

Above are Wizard of Oz, tinkerbell, a snowman, Tortoro, a green hat that goes with my Erin go Bragh hook, A Brain Cancer awareness ribbon charm, a heart in memory of my mom, pink beads from a necklace that belonged to my grandma, a cat for my goofy fur baby, a pug to remember my moms pug Max,  and Glow worms. 

Hermione's Wand, Footprints, Erin Go Bragh, Cabbage Patch head ( with pig tails but they broke off ) Snowflakes, Eyore, I needed a J, Apple Jack My Little Pony, Broken Flower :( , I needed a N hook.  I have 2 more on the way... Weeping Angel from Dr. Who and My Neighbor Tortoro. ( both H. I use H alot and I like a change up) 

Most Cherished.  top: the hook my mom taught me to crochet with. bottom: the hook my fiance bought me.…

Knitting and Crochet week Day 3

Experimental Photography And Image Handling For Bloggers.

This was a fun one. I took one of my favorite project photos and made a puzzle . Now I plan on updating all my pictures.... Not in puzzle form but BigHugeLab gave me a few ideas to make my pics more fun and appealing. 

Day one  Day two

Yop4 : week 45

Only a few week to go and only a few projects to make!! I made more squares for the Bruins Blanket All yellow are done and just a few 6 inch squares are left that make the B ( top pic) 
My Ladybug flag is finished. I love how it turned out! I have to make another ladybug body to cover the sewing on the other side. 
And while I have your attention.... Is anyone else making the Lily Pond Blanket ?  Block 2

Knitting and Crochet week : day 2!

Day 2: Its all about you.

Why couldn't this be a day 6 topic :)

Some bloggers hate talking about themselves.... I am one of those bloggers. I sorta completed an A- Z blog challenge last month over on my wordpress blog. My theme was ME. I couldn't do the entire alphabet. Someday I will go back to those letters .

For this post I was going to do 'A day in the life of ' but my day is pretty boring today. It may put you to sleep and its not nap time yet :)

Since I have new readers I will re introduce myself with a few tid bits

I love Jem and RainbowBrite.

This will be the only time I admit this... I would rather watch Space Balls than Star Wars.

My fiance' is a butthead but I love him anyway .

My favorite chore... Laundry.

Depending on which side of my family , I am a second born ,middle and youngest child. I am the youngest of my mom's kids and second born of my dad. Thats 2 older half brothers from my mom, one older half brother,a younger half sister and brother f…

Knitting and Crochet Week Day 1 !

I didnt miss it ! This is the 6th annual Knitting and Crochet blog week! My first and not my last!

Today's topic is : If you were yarn. 

Let me just say I love yarn!

This was an easy topic for me. When I read it I instantly knew what I would be If I were yarn. Its soft and fluffy! (like me)  and it comes from the cutest animals .....

If you haven't guessed yet... If I were yarn I would be  ALPACA
I made a cowl for a swap a few years ago . She wanted something soft. So I used alpaca. I love the feel of it. I used Bernat Alpaca in wheat.  I had to loom knit the cowl since I don't know how to knit with needles yet. ( I'm a hooker :)  ) 

I love how it came out and I wish I didn't have to give it away.   ( pattern by Kelly McClure )

I hope you come back tomorrow.  Until then, Stay awesome.