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more new items

Santa Stocking 19in. long

Newborn winter hats

Christmas tree hat 

Sock Monkey.. available in all sizes ( in my etsy shop)

Dr. Who, Tardis Hat size

Vintage tree decoration

Newborn nursing hat

Hopefully I will be able to list all these to my etsy shop. I will be a vendor at a craft fair in a few weeks , so I will be busy making items for that.

12 Knits of Christmas

If you are an avid reader, you know I talk about Ravelry alot. its a great source for patterns, yarns, and people who share the obsession of all things yarn.
I am in a ton of groups... some I contribute to, some I just read posts , and a few are charities I try to help out when I can. I started a group last year for my Halos of Hope New England team.

The group I mentioned in the subject , 12 Knits of Christmas, is where people make a list of items they want to crochet or knit for friends and family for Christmas. Last year I finished 3 items. I am starting late this year and I haven't made a list yet.  But I know I have to make a Mario blanket for my boyfriend, an Eeyore hat and Winnie the Poo blankie/stuffed animal for my great niece, a pair of slipper socks for my boyfriend, and a few cat sweaters for my cat.. that's about 5 or 6 items so far.

here are 6 granny squares I made for my boyfriends blanket.. 246 to go! :) 

Baby Lamb Set

Happy November Everyone!

I just purchased some new yarn and I knew I had to make something soft and adorable with it.  Its called Red Heart Casual Cot'n.

Here is what I made with it.....

Lamb hat and booties set  check it out in my etsy shop... link is on the left <<<

Also new in my etsy shop

I made this for an order a few weeks ago... it was fun to make. 

Purple Minion etsy listing can be found HERE

New colors

I finally added new colors and styles to the
cabbage patch kid hats/wig etsy listing. 

For red heads

for blondes

light brown with ribbons  ( ribbon is available on all hats)

Dark brown with braids . (available on all hats) 

Cake Decorating Class on Craftsy!

need I say more? :)

In this class you will learn how to make 3 showstopping cakes!

people are raving about Alice's class.....

Phenominal class!by Grekoon June 29, 2013This was one of my first Craftsy classes, and remains one of my absolute favorites. Alice's instructions are clear and precise, and since my initial Queen of Sheba cake over a year ago, I've made TONS of them - and even shipped them all over the US! Alice is, indeed, the Chocolate Goddess. I wish I could give this class 10 stars.
Soooo pleased with this course !!!!!by Maria jacomino on March 16, 2013 I'm so. glad I took this course, I didn't know a thing about chocolate cakes or the handling of chocolate. I'm very enthusiastic now to give it a try. I would like to watch more courses given by Alice. I wish she had taught how to make chocolate cigarettes.
Alice is very pleasant to watch. Happy, happy, happy.

Busy Busy Busy

Its almost Halloween and I haven't made any Halloween masks like I was planning to do. I didn't realize the Cabbage Patch kid hat/wig and Minion hats would be such a hit in my shop.. I get a few orders daily :) I am not complaining, not even a little bit. I love it. But I wish I had time to make OTHER stuff :)
October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month... I had plans to make some hats . Haven't made them yet  :(  I was able to make a few necklaces .

I've made up 4 and all proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research.  Also at the end of the month I plan on raffling off this scarf ..  the official post can be found HERE I was suppose to be raffled on the 10th but I, as I said, have been busy. :) I will post about it again next week here and on my facebook page  . 
BTW Christmas ornaments coming soon.  If you are looking for anything specific , message me or  leave a comment. 

Apple Hat

Ok ok.. I like making hats. These hats are perfect for the beautiful Autumn season.  Check them out in my etsy shop

Lets hear it for the 80's!

I was born in 1980... yup I am 33 yrs young :)  growing up in the 80's meant alot of cheezy stuff. :) one of my favorite toys of the 80's where the cabbage patch dolls . I had a few. with and without hair. So when I saw a pattern for cabbage patch kids hats I had to make one. I added one to my etsy shop and in a few short weeks it is the most popular item in my shop... ever! In the past 2 weeks I have had close to a dozen orders.  Yes I have another busy week ahead of me. :) check out the Cabbage Patch Kid hats in my etsy shop. I have baby to toddler sizes ( for humans not dolls :) )  colors available are brunette, blonde, light brown and black , more colors coming soon.

WIPs Blog Hop 2013

This all started about a month ago.. a bunch of Ravelry ladies got together to have a Blog Hop.Our goal: to finally FINISH our works in progress ( WIPs ) .many of us failed :( many of us succeeded !
I hope you come along on this tour and "hop" to each member . follow them and let them know you like their Finally Finished WIP :)

My goal was to finish a hexagon blanket on the loom, a spider man hat, an apron for the church fair and a wavy scarf. I was able to finish the scarf and apron.   Both came out wonderful :)

Whatcha think?

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you check out the other blogs. Everyone worked hard this past month.

Spin A yarn Knit  

A Knitiot abroad


Year of Projects3: week 3

this week was a sad week. after volunteering to help out a friend with her consignment shop, she decided to close the shop :(  it's a cute shop with a good selection but the shop is in a bad location.not many other shops around to get business from. about 3 miles away there are 4 more consignment shops.

Anyway... from week 2 i started a baby princess crown as part of my crochet hook challenge using a size E hook.
the picture below shows the same pattern, same hook but different size yarn so I have different size crown. the pink one is a baby size. the aqua one fits me.

The scarf below isnt on my list of projects... I just wanted to show it off :) I made it for a raffle .

week one week two my year of projects list

October Raffle

This is Knits by Erin's first raffle. I thought I would kick it off by raising come money for Breast Cancer Awareness Research. Below is the scarf that is being raffled.

Each entry is a $2 donation .
On October 10th I will draw a name. you can keep the item for yourself, gift it, or donate it.

you will be sent to the entry form after you complete the donation process. if for some reason you do not get set to the sign up form, click here  . you must complete both steps to be entered to the raffle. your name is your "ticket".

YOP3 Week 2 : Year of Projects

This week I finished a cap for Halos of Hope : New England.

this is a a crown i am making that is part of the crochet hook challenge. I am using an E size hook. 

here is the link to week 1. and this is my official list

Week 1 of Year of Projects

Recently I joined a group called A Year of Projects. Members make a list of items to make and each week we blog about items we are working on and have finished.
Most members are on week 9 . I am on week 1 since i just started. here is my official list ...
The below pictures are part of the stash busting category.

Patterns are getting a revamp

I have been thinking over the past few days about my patterns. The are easy to make and people love them for that but I think I can make them better. Definitely need better pictures and maybe more of them in the pdf.
I hope new patterns pop in my head during this process. What would you like to see?

Are you a loom knitter...

Searching for loom patterns... here is a list of a few items I have created . links to my etsy shop.
enter code Loom10 at check out and receive 10% off. code expires 9/30/13

*NEW Fingerless Shell Mitts
Dish towel Holder
Chemo Cap ( the proceeds from this pattern goes to Halos of Hope New England)
Yoga Socks

my official list for YOP 3!

I am about a month and a half late but here is my list. I am calling it "get out of my queue Year of Projects" . its a long list but its categorized nicely :)

items for me

beaded bag maxi shrug windmill bag st. tropez butterfly sleeve top spiderweb skirt turtleneck shrug Jamie visor hat

for Jon (the boyfriend)

Mario granny square blanket shuffle slippers

Christmas woolly toons stockings crochet cable stocking Christmas Stocking( hexagon and diamond)


as I said in a previous post.. After 4 emails from people saying I should make theses hats, I caved. I think they are the cutest thing.

the left one is baby size and the other will fit a 4-6 yr old. contact me for custom hats :)
Pencil cases coming soon!!!! 

and the scarf obsession continues