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Saturday, August 24, 2013

my official list for YOP 3!

I am about a month and a half late but here is my list. I am calling it "get out of my queue Year of Projects" . its a long list but its categorized nicely :)

items for me

  • beaded bag
  • maxi shrug
  • windmill bag
  • st. tropez butterfly sleeve top
  • spiderweb skirt
  • turtleneck shrug
  • Jamie visor hat

for Jon (the boyfriend)

  • Mario granny square blanket
  • shuffle slippers

  • woolly toons stockings
  • crochet cable stocking
  • Christmas Stocking( hexagon and diamond)
  • santa pet sweater
  • snowman ring ornament
  • Christmas slippers

Halos of Hope NE caps

  • favorite beanie for a lady
  • envy
  • shell stitch hat
  • the lizzy hat
  • brain waves beanie

Crochet Hook Challenge

  • Linked Headband ( D hook)
  • Malou Scarf and Toddler princess crown ( E hook)
  • infant bunny slippers (F hook)
  • Santa Stocking (G hook)
  • Diamond Hat (H hook)
  • Granny Square Christmas Stocking (I hook)
  • DROPS circle jacket (J hook)
  • Ringo Scarf (K hook)
  • Fishy Cat Mat ( N hook)

Stash Busting
  • Scarp love Scarf
  • Scrap Love scarf/cowl
  • Jelly Bean Scarf
  • Jewelry
  1. Water drops earrings
  2. two flower necklace
  3. donut necklace
  4. bow necklace
  5. purple haze necklace
  6. crochet cabled bracelets

cleaning out my queue -patterns i queued 6 or months ago

  • football can cozy
  • crocheted baskets
  • granny square cowl
  • owl mitts
  • get your granny on ( purse)
  • triple play infinity scarf
  • hooty headband owl
  • silver shells cowl
  • striped and bobbled hat
  • baby blanket
  • lady bug dress
  • keefe hat
  • hello kitty leg warmers
  • simple cross over booties
  • crochet owl hat
  • cat fingerless mitts
  • cafe wristers
  • broomstick lace wristlets
  • cupcake potholder
  • crochet squares scarf
  • kilroy klutch purse


  1. I have a large list too...not that I think I'll get them done, but I have a place where they are all listed...

    1. me too. i created a google doc for all my projects. i have them added to my queue as well .

  2. Now THAT is a list :) I know there are a lot of items I'd like to get out of my library/queue and not by just deleting them. Why oh why can I not just be independently wealthy so I could spend the day playing with yarn? :)

    1. i wish that too :) . yarn = happiness ..lol

  3. I like your list more than my list ;)

    1. my list must shorter than yours...lol

  4. You are organized! I feel better now as my list is big and I know it won't all get done but it's so fun to pick a project! And look...you already have 2 things finished! Between Ravelry, FB and Pinterest....the patterns keep coming! Keep inspiring us!

    1. ravelry, fb and pinterest are evil! lol so many patters not nearly enough time to make everything. :)

  5. I'm sorry, I got stuck with the Mario granny square for Jon. I didn't even know such a thing existed and I must go look it up.

    That list is ambitious! I can't wait to see your projects.

    1. i can't wait to see them either..lol

      i first heard about the mario blanket on a pod cast that i folllow( commuter knitter podcast, shes on ravelry.) the one she was making was for her husband.

  6. Welcome to the year and there is no such thing as being late. Love the list, it's wonderfully long ambitious and so so so organised. Looking forward to seeing many of these projects.

  7. Looks like a great list! I'm looking forward to seeing your FOs!

  8. Welcome to our weekly party! Your list IS nicely organized and you are in good company as I think we all have long lists too!


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