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13 13's in 2013

I am in this group called 13 13 in 2013. its a group for people who like to use up their stash, organize their projects and yarn and love to do the 13 different items/challenges 13 times. 
I joined because I need something to get me motivated :) 

Here is my list....

This list is in no particular order.. 1.Design 13 new patterns (13 for crochet and 13 for loom) 2.Adopt 13 more hospitals /cancer centers for my Halos of Hope New England team. --DONE!! 3.make 13 chemo caps a month. 4.For April - make 13 items for me ( i’ll be 33 on the 9th) 5.lose 13 lbs every 3 months. :) 6.make 13 items for each friend’s charities. 7.13 baby items for my great niece or nephew due in May. 8.13 patterns from my queue 9.Sell 13 items from my etsy shop 10.learn and master 13 new crochet stitches ( going to be part of my Crochet Corner comeback) 11.Have 13 items in consignment shops in my area. 12.make 13 holiday items. 13.dye 13 balls of yarn ( going to teach my self )
with number 2 done.. I am off to a good start :)

I love custom orders!!!!

hint hint people!!!! :)

I have this fb friend who loves my work :) she is my most valued customer :) she has more of my creations than my mom did. from jewelry to the knitted and croocheted things I make.
This week I am working on a scarf for her son. This is the third scarf for him... second one this month :) I am not going to tell you what it is til I am done .. the other scarf was Beemo. A child's cartoon character.

He's so cute and it was fun to make. 

But after this week, I will need more orders. The reason I love custom orders is because its personalized. From the color to size  to the detail. Plus I am not a mind  The scarf above was $20. With someone else it could of been more.  Supplies + time... I think $20 was reasonable :)  I dont over charge, there is no bogus charges and I keep shipping low as possible. I ship out a lot of stuff so I know what things cost. I use the post office envelopes/boxes which I have to pay for so that is added to shipping.  If…