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Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peak to my new pattern... Any guess on what it could be ? :)

My most popular post

Though the post was just a work in progress (WIP), it has been one of my most popular posts. Being #1 one for a while, The minion hat WIP needed to be updated. I used my own pattern as I stated in the post. All Minion hats kinda look the same.
Last September I made a bunch for customers. It seems alot of people wanted to be a Minion for Halloween. I was even asked to make a yellow and purple minion for a woman going through chemo.  I was beyond honored to make those hats.
Selling about 20 since last September has been a joy. I have made a few versions.
Here is what i started with....
before I changed my business name

my cutest customers! <3 <3 

MAJOR improvement from the first few caps.  I like using the darker yellow yarn with the blue. Ear flaps are my favorite. 
Here is one of the purple Minions Ive made...

I hope you enjoyed the Minion update. :)  

Silly hats and a head

Check out what i made over the weekend.... Snappy-tots is one of my favorite pattern designers. She recently gave personalities to the dots in her logo. here are 2... Abigail and Sigmund! (adding to my etsy shop soon)

the above picture is a glasses holder . pattern designed by djonesgirl .

Coming Soon

'How'd you do that?' and 'My story'. How'd you do that will be about special looming, crocheting, or knitting tricks you've learned or free patterns you created.... My Story will be stories about how you learned how to loom, crochet,or knit.
I am looking for a few people to help get these started. if you're interested, message me on my fb page Get Hooked - Crochet by Erin