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Mystery Mitt: Third Clue

does your clue 2 look like this ?

round 6: sl st in the next st.   sc in all st. .  (31 sts)

round 7:  dc in next stitch, *ch 6, sk 2sts, dc into next st ( which is the 3rd st from the ch). rep from *  you should have 10 ch spaces.

round 8- ch 8, dc in to prev rnd dc. *ch 6, dc into prev rnd dc. rep from * to end.  st sl in the 2nd chain from the prev ch 8.

rounds 9-13- rep row 8. slst .  do not cut yarn if you want to add trim.
~ the thumb hole is one if the chain 6 spaces.

Trim (optional)

rnd 1:  4 sc in to each ch space. slst

rnd 2: *ch 5 , sc in to same st as ch, sc in next st, ch 5 in next st, sc in same st as chain. rep from *
your last st should be a sc. slst to prev rnd.  you should have 13 picots.
knot and weave in ends.

repeat the same for the bottom if you wish.
sl st to the point where you joined the cuff. 4 sc down to the ch row. *ch 5, sc in to same st as ch, sc in next st, ch 5 in next st, sc in to same st as ch. rep from *.
when you get to the…

Mystery Mitt: Second clue

how did everyone do with the first clue? it should look like this.. I chained 32 which measures about 7 inches.
this is where it might get a little tricky for the newbies. but if I can do it... so can you. the special stitches are not hard. I found few videos on youtube to help you out if you are a visual person.

The next few stitches will help you determine if you want to use a multi colored yarn or keep the solid.

Special Stitches:
Puff Stitch (pst) : ( yarn over, insert hook in next stitch to be worked, and draw up a loop to height of dc) 4 times; yo  and draw through all 9 loops on hook. pst made. find video HERE

Front Post Double Crochet (FPdc): yo, insert hook from front to back to front around post of specified stitch and draw up a loop; (yo, and draw through 2 loops on the hook) twice. FPdc made. find video HERE

follow my pattern not the video. I added the videos for the stitch.


rows 1 and 2 can be found HERE.

row 3: * Pst in next dc, FPdc around the next dc; repeat fr…

FGF:Mystery Mitt First Clue

Hey all... are we ready to get crocheting? :)

As I mentioned in the ravelry group , you will need a size G hook and worsted weight yarn/10ply . you'll need less than 150 yards.
Using a solid color will work best to see the special stitches, but its up to you. 

this pattern has special stitches that I will walk you through, for you newbies. Don't be alarmed. They are very simple. 

Now for the pattern......

ch. multiples of 2 ( to fit your wrist ) DO NOT JOIN. ( i chained 32)

row 1: sc (single crochet) in the 2nd chain from hook. and in each remaining ch to end. chain 2(counts as dc for the following row.) turn. ( 31 sts)

row 2: dc (double crochet) in each st (stitch) to end. chain 3. turn  (31 sts)

next clue will be posted June 8th ................