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Baymax is here!

Ok this lil guy is so adorable! I don't have kids so I will have to watch Big Hero 6 in secret so my hubby to be doesn't laugh at me :)

Pattern by Repeat Crafter me
Made to order hats are now available in my Etsy shop!

YOP4 week 38

I can't wait until for year 5... I have so many ideas for my hook challenge :) I will post more about that in a few weeks because I want the A year of projects ravelry group to join in too.  Now for my updates.... As I mentioned in my WIP post , I have been searching for a K hook size project that I loved. I finally found one! I was set on just making curtains for my porch but realizing I have 7 windows , I decided on something else.  I love this bag. Pattern is by Jennette Reid . My Boston Bruin blanket is coming out well... and fast. I'm almost done. I think after I make the rest of the yellow squares I will stop for a few months. Its starting to warm up here so I won't need it.  I made all these squares over the past few days.  4 more 6 rnd squares done. Now all 8 are done. All 38 2 rnd squares are finished. aw so cute..

WIP - YOP week 37

After months of looking for the right K hook project for my hook challenge, I finally found something. I found this pattern on ravelry . Candy Apple Fall Cabled Baguette. I need a new bag badly so this perfect. I am using yarn from my stash. I've had it for about a year. Lion Brand Hometown U.S.A. in Minneapolis Purple. There only a few rows to go.  I will be stitching to black for the trim and handle.

Still missing you mom!

I just wanted to write a quick post about my mom. ( I don't think I will able to fight back the tears if I write much. She was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer 5 years ago and lost her fight 11 months after.... Today marks 4 years since she's been gone. She was a beautiful and an amazing woman, a wonderful mom and friend. I miss her laugh , her sense of humor,  her wit, her sarcasm, her voice , her love and hugs, the way she use to say" know what I mean, jelly bean" and how she called me her baby girl. And now the tears start. my mom after surgery and her dog Max. My mom and step dad's wedding day... Feb 23 2008

YOP week 36: More Squares

First I want to apologize for my yucky out side table. My porch has the best light. A few weeks ago I started my Boston Bruin Blanket. I had trouble deciding on either to make traditional granny squares or solid.   With help of a facebook group I love , I will be making the blanket with solid squares. They will use up a but more yarn but the blanket will be warmer. Here is my progress so far.... These are squares for the top of the blanket. I ran out of yellow so I started making black squares. This is the chart I am using .. I am using smaller squares because I don't need a big blanket. I plan to make numbers ( by Moogly) for my favorite team members. I think I can fill up all the big squares around the B. Yellow
2 rnd sq- ___of 38 made
4 rnd sq- ___of 1 made
6 rnd sq- 4 of 8 made
8 rnd sq- 2 of 14 made Black
2 rnd sq- 5 of 14 made
4 rnd sq- ___of 5 made
6 rnd sq- 4 of 12 made
8 rnd sq not needed