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YOP4 week 34: Boston Bruins Blanket

I have started the Boston Bruins Blanket. I love making granny squares and putting them together. That's why I loved making the Mario Blanket so much.  But this blanket is a bit different. there are 4 sizes of squares. 3, 6, 9 and 12 rounds.  That is a bit big for me, so I am doing 2,4,6,and 8 round squares.
And I recently found a pattern for a solid granny square. I am not sure which square I like more. I don't want to make a bunch of squares in one style and end up not liking it and having to make them over again.

This week I ask for your help! should I make the traditional granny square or the solid?

let the square count down begin!
Yellow 2 rnd sq- ___of 38 made 4 rnd sq- ___of 1 made 6 rnd sq- ___of 8 made 8 rnd sq- ___of 14 made
Black 2 rnd sq- ___of 14 made 4 rnd sq- ___of  5 made 6 rnd sq- ___of  12 made 8rnd sq not needed

Finished Friday - With Hope Scarf

This scarf only took a week to make. I LOVE IT!! 

I can't wait to wear it everywhere I go!

Button Project Fail

This week for my Craft Month project I was going to make a button bowl. I saw a picture on Pinterest and thought "I can do that". Well it started out fun and then the buttons began slipping down the balloon because of the glue. I guess Elmer's craft glue isn't the best to work with but its all I had. :( I was so excited to make this button bowl. The one I saw was wicked cute! I have a lot of small buttons I haven't used and I thought this would be a great project. In my defense , the balloon round up pin didn't mention why type of glue to use. I really should have some tacky glue on hand. But hey, lesson learned. I am not giving up that easily though. On my next outing to a craft store I'll pick up some tacky clue! here is a link to a button bowl project ( I should of researched some before I started my project ) I popped the balloon too early :( I also tries to make polymer clay button... I plan to invest in a button mold! But these aren't so bad. I n…

Yop4: week 32

There aren't that many weeks left for YOP ( a year of projects ) . My list has been edited a few times and I also have a 15 in 2015 list ( not part of YOP) . That list if for the patterns I bought last year. I figured its time to make a dent in the list.  Last week I started a project for my hook challenge... With Hope Scarf . This is one of the projects I added since I didn't like the other project any more. I used a J Hook and Dark Orchid yarn by Red Heart.  Some how I missed 2 arches. The pattern called for 21 and I make 19. I have no idea how I did that. But it worked out well. Its not too short.  The pattern is easy and fun.  crochet hook made by PukaPeyDesigns on facebook!

New Project - Step 1

Oh Pinterest how I adore you sometimes. I found a tutorial that showed how to remove candle wax from their jars. Its so easy! Boiling water!!! Why didn't I think of that! I use to just use a knife to break the wax and then soak the jar to get the wax from the sides and scrub.  Boiling hot water is so much easier! The boiling water is suppose to make the wax float to the top. Let sit for a few hours, until the water is cool.  Here are my fun results :) 

I had to wash them out with a wet paper towel but it was easy to get the remaining wax.  Now on to my next project :) Until then...... 

February is CRAFT MONTH

I love to craft. I haven't really made anything other than crochet in months. So here is my new idea... All month long I will post a project I made and you can share what you made. More info soon.. I just wanted to let everyone to know what to expect this month.