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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

IT'S FINALLY DONE!!!! Mario Blanket

What a long 6 months. I am so glad this blanket is done. And so is my fiance. I gave it to him on Christmas. He thought I wouldn't finish it on time . But I did! :)
Mario Blanket DONE
here are a few pictures of its journey.
mario blanket collage

Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Pinterest Nightmare..3 ways to avoid being me!

Pinterest has grown very fast. I love it and hate it at the same time.
Its an easy place to access and find things you love . I have about 96 boards, 6 secret boards, 5,207 pins, 4,742 likes .
That's where my nightmare begins.... all those likes. Just sitting there without a board to call their own.
4,738 likes ( as of this post) . How did it get so out of control? My likes are all over the place. From my new obsession with perler beads, crochet stuff, social media, holiday stuff, basically things I like. That little heart at the corner of each pin is hard not to click when I see something I like.
It wasn't always like this. If I liked something I would place it in the appropriate board! What happened? When did I get so lazy ?
I have this plan to never go down this road again.... You should follow these tips so you don't end up like me :)
1. Don't be a lazy head and just click everything that catches your eye. Boards are so easy to make. If you don't have a creative name for the board just call it board "A" for now and go back to it later. I have a Pinner friend who has 5 boards of food named food 1, food 2,food 3, ect.
2.  Use the secret boards if you don't want certain people to see the your pins. Looking for something for your SIL 's birthday? , don't think she will check your likes?  I bet she did. make a secret board just for those pins.  One of my secret boards is boudoir shots . I thought it would be a cute idea for my hubby to be. It will be something private between me and him so I don't want other people seeing those possible poses of something so private.  ( Chances of me actually doing something like that.. slim..lol  )
3. Think about it. Do you really need that pin? When I looked though my likes the other day I was amazed at how many pins I unliked.  Why did I like that? I couldn't remember why I clicked on that cute little heart. I get pinterest is a great place to like just about anything but things of importance like stain removal, birthday party ideas shouldn't be lost in an endless sea of likes( or pics of Ryan Gosling shirtless :)  )  . They should have their own board to call home.
Now to take my own advice ... I have to group similar pins into their own board and like only pins that are necessary . This will last about a week. hehe.
If you have any other tips please comment below.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Weekend Plans... The hermits need out!!

You need to know something about me.... I hate being bored!
I don't have a car of my own so I walk to places I need to go... or my wonderful and annoying future hubby brings me ( out of town stuff- places I can't walk to).  A few days ago Jon said we'd go see the new Hobbit movie ! I love the Hobbit movies. I am so looking forward to this, the 3rd and last movie.
So that's one item on the agenda.
I have a few hats I need to send out and and a few more hats I need to buy more yarn for... so a trip to Walmart is a must ( a place I can not walk to .. bummer) . While there I need to get Jon's mother her Christmas present, a hamper with wheels.....shes needs a new one, badly.
And if I have some free time after finishing hats for my customers I need to sew more squares together for Jon's Mario Blanket. This blanket has taken 6 months . I will be glad when its done.. then I can make either my Totoro blanket ( my neighbor Totoro) or a Boston Bruins blanket for myself.... oh heck I will just make both!
I also need to check in with 2 of the local consignment shops to see if they have room for some of my items. I have a ton of yarn. I was thinking about making hats and boot cuffs and maybe some dolls.
All this should be fun :) I hope you have a great weekend!!
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