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IT'S FINALLY DONE!!!! Mario Blanket

What a long 6 months. I am so glad this blanket is done. And so is my fiance. I gave it to him on Christmas. He thought I wouldn't finish it on time . But I did! :) here are a few pictures of its journey.

My Pinterest Nightmare..3 ways to avoid being me!

Pinterest has grown very fast. I love it and hate it at the same time. Its an easy place to access and find things you love . I have about 96 boards, 6 secret boards, 5,207 pins, 4,742 likes . That's where my nightmare begins.... all those likes. Just sitting there without a board to call their own. 4,738 likes ( as of this post) . How did it get so out of control? My likes are all over the place. From my new obsession with perler beads, crochet stuff, social media, holiday stuff, basically things I like. That little heart at the corner of each pin is hard not to click when I see something I like. It wasn't always like this. If I liked something I would place it in the appropriate board! What happened? When did I get so lazy ? I have this plan to never go down this road again.... You should follow these tips so you don't end up like me :) 1. Don't be a lazy head and just click everything that catches your eye. Boards are so easy to make. If you don't have a creative name…

Weekend Plans... The hermits need out!!

You need to know something about me.... I hate being bored! I don't have a car of my own so I walk to places I need to go... or my wonderful and annoying future hubby brings me ( out of town stuff- places I can't walk to).  A few days ago Jon said we'd go see the new Hobbit movie ! I love the Hobbit movies. I am so looking forward to this, the 3rd and last movie. So that's one item on the agenda. I have a few hats I need to send out and and a few more hats I need to buy more yarn for... so a trip to Walmart is a must ( a place I can not walk to .. bummer) . While there I need to get Jon's mother her Christmas present, a hamper with wheels.....shes needs a new one, badly. And if I have some free time after finishing hats for my customers I need to sew more squares together for Jon's Mario Blanket. This blanket has taken 6 months . I will be glad when its done.. then I can make either my Totoro blanket ( my neighbor Totoro) or a Boston Bruins blanket for myself.... o…