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A Year of Projects yr 6 wk 1

A year of projects year 6 week 1 can be found on my other blog here

YOP5 week 45: Happy Mother's Day!

Oh the things you find...........
I was bored a few nights ago, not sure what to make. I looked to the left of the chair I was sitting in and saw a few unfinished projects in a small box. Shark tail I don't have the right yarn for, a bunny hat with no eyes, beach bag that needs handles and a gnome amigurumi.
I started this gnome in April of 2014. All he needed was a nose and a mustache and to be stuffed. Took about 15 minutes for all this .  Why did it take me so long to finish this little cutie? Forever a mystery I guess.

He is now done and right where he should be, on the shelf with his Amigurumi family. A happy bunch.
Must.. make.. more :)

Here is the bag I mentioned before...... I plan to cut off the pink and purple. I think the way it was crocheted is why I put it away . I think I didn't have enough stitches, or too many. And the join in the back looks crappy. 
Other than finding awesome treasures, I have been hard at work with my temperature blanket.  This is all the sq…

YOP5 week 44: 8 weeks left!!!

Ok ok , I'll post this week :-P

So we have 8 weeks left of Year of Projects Year 5. Why don't I feel like I accomplished anything . Maybe because the projects are small. Oh well. I have a lot of things crossed off :)

Here is a few more little projects

I am turning the Fruit coasters by Repeat Crafter Me into a fruity garland for the summer. I started with an apple.

And as soon as I make the antenna , this will be a bee hat. 

Info about the Lily Pond blanket : I am DONE piecing it together. I just need to put on a boarder. More fun :) 

Meme Monday

Ive actually tore old projects apart for more yarn. 

YOP5 week 42 and 43

First I want to thank everyone for the  birthday wishes.  <3

I spent some time on the Lily Pond.

And I am making another version of Snappy Tots Buggy Garden flag. Last year I made the Lady bug. This year I am making the bee.

 I finished the Sunflower curtain!

I have to share this, Its not every day you see a pig walking around your yard unless you live on or close to a farm. which we do not. This oinker spent about 15 minutes making a mess of the yard looking for I was going to call animal control but he wondered out the same way he came in so I guess he wasn't lost. 

To my fellow YOPers, I made a few banners for year 6 and I will post them in the ravelry group in June.  Again, plain but cute.

And one last thing... Rest in Paradise sweet Prince :(
my video of when doves cry was removed.

Meme Monday

EXACTLY! Yarn is awesome! 

Update #4 : Lily Pond Blanket

I am getting closer and closer to finishing this monster . Its been in the high 50s this week so I have been able to use the big table on the porch to layout a few blocks and crochet them together.

I am so loving this section!
More later,

Meme Monday

Happy Meme Monday... I just spent an hour looking for crochet memes.... Holy cow there are a ton!!
Here is my fave for the day..

Did you sing along? :) 

YOP5 week 41 and Lily Pond Update

Yesterday was my birthday. 36! (f*%#) ! I had a good day. I made my grandmother's stuffed green peppers ( for myself - Jon doesn't like peppers) . So yummy!

My MIL bought me a cake .... she couldn't remember if I was 36 or not so she grabbed and 3 and  I'll take 30 :) 

On to Lily...  I crocheted blocks 3 and 4 together

a bit of a close up.
Blocks 2 and 5
Block 5 in 3 stages :) 

This is one version of block 7. ( before blocking)  This is the other version I am using. 
This was my last update last year. I have almost all the blocks made. I need to finish 5 and 7 and then 8.
I want to finish this before the end of the month. I started on May 7 2015.  I really want to make the  Frida's Flowers Blanket but I will only be making one block from each update until I am sure I am happy with my color choice. For the lily, I wish I would of used teal instead of peacock and a less dark of a green. I used Paddy green since that's all I had on hand. 

To knit or not to knit

I've wanted to learn to knit for a while now. More than just casting on. I learned how to crochet by my mom when I was 13 (1993) . I wanted to make a blanket for my first nephew who was due in March of 1994.  My mom made one for me when I was born so she seemed like a good enough teacher... I did not have the patience for crocheting . My tension was too tight and I gave up in a few months. never finishing or coming close to making that blanket.
In the fall of 2011, Months after my mom passed of brain cancer I picked up loom knitting. Seemed easy and fun... and boy was it.  A year after, I picked up my hook again , The same one my mom taught me with and I instantly felling love .  I wish my mom was still here to see what I've made. She of course would be asking me to make a bunch of stuff for her..hehe and I would be happy to make it.

I see knitting as a huge challenge. I've tried it before and like learning to crochet for the first time at 13,  I didn't have the patie…

First Quarter of 16 in 2016 projects

Well its April and that means 1) I am late with posting the first quarter projects and 2) I need to get my butt in gear with this list.
In know I said in my first post I was not going to switch out any projects. Well that wouldn't be me if I didn't change it.

In March I was  asked to make a baby blanket.

It was a bit of a pain. the graph I bought didn't have any written instruction ( which I knew when I bought the pattern ) So I had to count every little square. 
It looks better in person. 

I made this scarf to wear on St Patrick's Day when I went food shopping... well it was in the 60s so I would of looked silly wearing it. There is always next year.  (Pattern by Repeat Crafter Me)

WIP Wednesday: Hello again Lily Pond Blanket

Its been awhile since I have worked on my lily pond blanket. With the new Crochet along by Jane Crawford posted yesterday ( and I so want to make it!!) I thought I should finish last years blanket before I start a new one.

If I put my mind to it, I can finish the lily pond this month! I have 3 blocks to make and then I have to crochet every piece together.

This wonderful mess above is what I accomplished last night. I crocheted blocks 3 and 4  and 6 and 3. which are the side panels.  
More later. 

Temperature Blanket Month 3: March

So much purple in March. There were a few more snow days.
3/1- 3/7 A few cold days sandwiched in the middle. 
3/8 -3/14 Rouge made another appearance. I am hoping to see more of that color in April. :) 

  3/15- 3/21  (3/17 was St, Patrick's day so I added a shamrock to the square)  
3/22- 3 /31
The high for the month 72 ( rouge) and the low for the month 31 ( turquoise - with snow) .
91 and above - Cream 81 - 90            Perfect Pink 71 - 80            Rouge 61 -70             Lavender  51 - 60            Orchid 41 - 50            Bright Orchid 31 - 40            Turquoise  21 - 30            Delft Blue 11 - 20            Jade 10 and below- Peacock