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YOP5 week 45: Happy Mother's Day!

Oh the things you find...........
I was bored a few nights ago, not sure what to make. I looked to the left of the chair I was sitting in and saw a few unfinished projects in a small box. Shark tail I don't have the right yarn for, a bunny hat with no eyes, beach bag that needs handles and a gnome amigurumi.
I started this gnome in April of 2014. All he needed was a nose and a mustache and to be stuffed. Took about 15 minutes for all this .  Why did it take me so long to finish this little cutie? Forever a mystery I guess.

He is now done and right where he should be, on the shelf with his Amigurumi family. A happy bunch.
Must.. make.. more :)

Here is the bag I mentioned before...... I plan to cut off the pink and purple. I think the way it was crocheted is why I put it away . I think I didn't have enough stitches, or too many. And the join in the back looks crappy. 

Other than finding awesome treasures, I have been hard at work with my temperature blanket. 
This is all the squares laid out. 4 months. 121 squares. 

I am joining them by single crocheting the squares from the back. I don't have a photo yet but all squares have been joined. 

Happy Mother's Day to my mom in heaven.... and to all moms!


  1. Your gnome is adorable. The temperature blanket is a real commitment too. And yes, the pink on the bag needs to go LOL. Sorry you have lost your mom, I am sure she is very proud of all you have accomplished.

  2. Your knome is a cutie! I've wanted to do something in the "temperature" classification...scarf most probably for the next YOP list. I think they are so interesting! Yours is really coming along! I have the same issue of not finishing....there are reasons but not sure they're good ones! LOL!
    Wonderful picture of you and your Mom together.

  3. Your Gome is so cute!!! And I love the colors in your temperature blanket. I love the picture of you and your Mom. I wish I had one of me and mine. What a sweet way to remember her.

    1. Gnome! Gnome! Why is that word so hard to spell?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Your gnome is cute and the temperature blanket will be stunning. The picture of you and your mom is lovely, hope it brings back happy memories.


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