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Apple Hat

Ok ok.. I like making hats. These hats are perfect for the beautiful Autumn season.  Check them out in my etsy shop

Lets hear it for the 80's!

I was born in 1980... yup I am 33 yrs young :)  growing up in the 80's meant alot of cheezy stuff. :) one of my favorite toys of the 80's where the cabbage patch dolls . I had a few. with and without hair. So when I saw a pattern for cabbage patch kids hats I had to make one. I added one to my etsy shop and in a few short weeks it is the most popular item in my shop... ever! In the past 2 weeks I have had close to a dozen orders.  Yes I have another busy week ahead of me. :) check out the Cabbage Patch Kid hats in my etsy shop. I have baby to toddler sizes ( for humans not dolls :) )  colors available are brunette, blonde, light brown and black , more colors coming soon.

WIPs Blog Hop 2013

This all started about a month ago.. a bunch of Ravelry ladies got together to have a Blog Hop.Our goal: to finally FINISH our works in progress ( WIPs ) .many of us failed :( many of us succeeded !
I hope you come along on this tour and "hop" to each member . follow them and let them know you like their Finally Finished WIP :)

My goal was to finish a hexagon blanket on the loom, a spider man hat, an apron for the church fair and a wavy scarf. I was able to finish the scarf and apron.   Both came out wonderful :)

Whatcha think?

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you check out the other blogs. Everyone worked hard this past month.

Spin A yarn Knit  

A Knitiot abroad


Year of Projects3: week 3

this week was a sad week. after volunteering to help out a friend with her consignment shop, she decided to close the shop :(  it's a cute shop with a good selection but the shop is in a bad location.not many other shops around to get business from. about 3 miles away there are 4 more consignment shops.

Anyway... from week 2 i started a baby princess crown as part of my crochet hook challenge using a size E hook.
the picture below shows the same pattern, same hook but different size yarn so I have different size crown. the pink one is a baby size. the aqua one fits me.

The scarf below isnt on my list of projects... I just wanted to show it off :) I made it for a raffle .

week one week two my year of projects list

October Raffle

This is Knits by Erin's first raffle. I thought I would kick it off by raising come money for Breast Cancer Awareness Research. Below is the scarf that is being raffled.

Each entry is a $2 donation .
On October 10th I will draw a name. you can keep the item for yourself, gift it, or donate it.

you will be sent to the entry form after you complete the donation process. if for some reason you do not get set to the sign up form, click here  . you must complete both steps to be entered to the raffle. your name is your "ticket".

YOP3 Week 2 : Year of Projects

This week I finished a cap for Halos of Hope : New England.

this is a a crown i am making that is part of the crochet hook challenge. I am using an E size hook. 

here is the link to week 1. and this is my official list

Week 1 of Year of Projects

Recently I joined a group called A Year of Projects. Members make a list of items to make and each week we blog about items we are working on and have finished.
Most members are on week 9 . I am on week 1 since i just started. here is my official list ...
The below pictures are part of the stash busting category.