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She's Here!!

Elsa has joined the adorable hat family here at Get Hooked ~ Crochet by Erin

Elsa joins her sister Anna

both are available in toddler to adult sizes in my ETSY shop
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Meaningful Monday

FO Friday ( finished object)

I got a few items done this week before I jump in to another year of a Year of Projects. Last year I ignored my list and accomplished nothing. This year I am determined to finish my list. I have a bunch of items I want to make.

Meet Stevie. Hes an adorable bag eating monster...

 Fairy Wands for the princess in all of us

 Water Bottle holder
 Light Saber Ice Pop holder. ( I'll take a better picture with the ice pops soon) 
 And lastly, Anna ( Frozen ) Inspired hat. I just added the hat to my etsy shop. Check it out here
Elsa coming soon :) 

Meaningful Monday

Meaningful Monday

Crochet Corner: Gathering Materials

This time I mean it... I am going to continue with Crochet Corner, but we are starting from scratch. I know alot of people want to learn how to crochet. Yeah there are a million videos on the subject, but I want to make my own! :)
First things first.... Materials. 
For the month of JULY I'll be showing readers how to make swatches. They are basically little helpers for newbies. They show you what each stitch will look like, with different types of yarn and , various size crochet hooks.
for these you will need: ( what I will be using) 1 skein of Red Hart yarn size 4 in your fave color. avoid dark colors . with lighter colors you will be able to see the stitches much better.  look on the label to find the box that says Medium 4. 

Next will need a crochet hook. I use Boye hooks. for these swatches I will be using G, H, and I. you can buy them in a pack of 8 ( D - K) or individually ( I recommend walmart if you don't have much to spend- for the yarn too)
You will also need tapestr…

Meaningful Monday