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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

YOP5 week 4

When I asked my hubby to be want he wanted for Christmas he said he wanted something to keep his legs warm in the winter when he's at his computer. I knew right then what I was going to make him. I saw a new pattern by MJ's Off The Hook Designs - Bulky & Quick Shark Blanket .

I found 3 skeins of the yarn I needed in my stash ( I need 11 total) . I bought a Q size hook and started this project on Saturday.The picture below shows 4 rows. I'm on row 8 now.


Other WIPS
The C2C blanket got a little bigger. I need a full skein to finish it. 

I sewed the large yellow squares for the Boston Bruins Blanket together.

Anger (inside out movie)
Joy (inside out movie)

S'mores hat

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

WIP: Lily Pond Blanket update #2

Finally I can get back to this project. I love seeing everyone's blocks as they are made and I was sad not to be sharing my progress as well. I ran out of Paddy Green in June and I haven't been able to get to the store to buy more. So I looked for a skein on etsy. And I found a seller selling it. I was able to finish block 1 this past weekend.

blocks 1 and 4. both needing another green row.

Finished block 1.

Now the color in need is Peacock. I was able to finish one panel of block 4. Until I receive more from another etsy seller I have moved on to block 7 .. Medium Flower.   

I don't need any peacock for this block.I am trying out a few color combinations. 

The left flower is Orchid, Dark Orchid , and Boysenberry.
The right flower is Dark Orchid, Boysenberry and Orchid.

Looking at them in natural light , I like them both. I want to make 8 of these so maybe I will bake 4 each. 

Here is the link to the other update 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I can't believe it! I was hoping to get a little more done before I ran out. Wait, there is a project somewhere that I used this color yarn for...... but where is it ?

My cat really likes the blanket. When I put it down she has to lay on it. :) 

Speaking of my cat.... 
I made this the other day. I asked my facebook page followers to suggest something for me to make. One person suggested a giraffe cat hat. 
Stormy doesn't like it too much. 

As I said last week, I made a schedule for all my projects. An item for this month is the sunflower pixie hat. It was quick to make up. Size made is 0-3 mo. 


(works in progress)

Pokemon hat
Dr. who hanging towel
purple braid wig


Thursday, July 9, 2015

C2C obsession

This Corner 2 Corner blanket is coming out well. I will need more skeins to make it a decent size blanket of course. This is almost 1 skein of yarn.
I plan to continue to increase until all of the yarn is used. I will need one for the decrease and maybe one to make it a rectangle from a square, if I decide to go that route.

This has been a great stash buster. I've had this skein ( Red Heart : Bikini ) for over a year. I am not a fan of the color ( Christmas present ) so I haven't had the desire to make anything with it.
I have a few ideas for other C2C blankets so stay tuned :)

Sunday, July 5, 2015

YOP year 5? Seriously?

I can't believe it's year 5 already....... this is my 3rd year participating. The last few days have been productive for me .I made a schedule for the next few months so I stay on track.
I STARTED and  FINISHED the Zero lovey that was part of my hook challenge. It will be given to my cousin Ryder ( I really like that name ) due in October. I played with the pictures a little in editing.
Its something different.


I got on the C2C bandwagon and started a few of my own. It is so addicting!! I love this! 

I ran out of yarn for this one........

so I started this one. ( full skein not pictured) 


Also, I "dusted off" the Boston Bruin Blanket squares and started sewing them together. Its a bit tricking as you can see....

Why do I punish myself.. hehe

my full project list can be found here.

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