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YOP5 week 34

Motivation to finish my list is highly needed!!

My hook challenge isn't doing too well. All those projects are holiday related and I've missed a few. Its silly to make Christmas items a few weeks before St, Patrick's day .

But I did FINISH something thing week!!

Guess how many skeins it took to finish this blanket? 

YOP5 week 32

Someone needs to take away my yarn! Well until I finish the many many WIPS I have yet to lay my hands on again, This past week I started 4 new projects.

So these I was against making because I don't need another blanket. But I am making them anyway.
If you haven't seen this .. Its called Emoji C2C graphgan by Repeat Crafter Me.

I am not keeping the gold emoji since it doesn't match the others. That's the one I started with and realized I didn't like it. There are 9 in the set plus 2 bonus squares. So I have 3 plus the replacement left and maybe the 2 bonus and one I will create myself.
Since I am now addicted to C2C ( corner to corner) ... anything ( I found a pattern for a cat ) , I just can't stop.. While in the middle of one emoji square I started another but not of an emoji. I was looking for other patterns and I found a Whovian CAL by Two Hearts Crochet . I am not much of a Dr Who fan so this CAL probably wont be started but I do like the Don&#…

Temperature Blanket Month 1 (Jan16)

I haven't been keeping up with these posts.. but the squares I have been. Below are the first 4 weeks of January 2016.

The weather here has been a bit crazy. I love the variety of colors. I'm not sure which method to use to put them together though. But I have enough time to figure that out :) 
91 and above - Cream 81 - 90            Perfect Pink 71 - 80            Rouge 61 -70             Lavender  51 - 60            Orchid 41 - 50            Bright Orchid 31 - 40            Turquoise  21 - 30            Delft Blue 11 - 20            Jade 10 and below- Peacock Snow days      White