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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Year of Projects (YOP4) weekly post

Lets see how long this will last lol.

Over the last few days Ive been working on my fiance Jon's Mario blanket. This may take me awhile. I need 54 brown, 45 red, 42 tan, and 109 light blue. I started with the red but since I had a partial skein I was only able to make 15. So I started on tan until I get the red (hot red) . I made 6 tan last night.

Doesn't look like much.
I have to find the previous 5 squares, I think they are a different color. So I am not counting them right now. 

Weekly count
Red: 15 of 45 done
Tan: 6 of 42 done
Brown: 0 of 54 done
Light blue: 0 of 109 done
Yellow: 2 of 2 done.

here is my full list of projects


  1. A good dent into the squares considering you only had a partial ball.

  2. Oh I love Mario - now I can't wait to see it all assembled :)

  3. How cute is that going to be! A wedding present? Looking forward to all your progress...you've already gotten more done than me! LOL!


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